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Commercial drivers, especially truck drivers, are subject to much more scrutiny from insurers and employers for traffic violations. They have federal regulations that pertain to their ability to drive. Tickets matter more to people with commercial driver’s licenses, or CDLs as we call them.

How Many Violations Can Lead To Suspension Of Driving Privileges In Michigan?

Typically, if you receive many violations that results with twelve points off your driver’s license, then you are going to be brought in for a driver’s license reevaluation. They are going to make a decision as to whether they can impose a license suspension or they can put you on probation, which means that you cannot receive any more points off your license for a certain amount of time. Typically if you get any other additional points you will lose your license. Any time you get to that level of having ten or more points off your license, you are in serious jeopardy of losing your license. Once you reach eight points off, then you become subject to a driver responsibility fee as well, which is an additional fine that they impose upon you for being a poor driver.

A commercial driver’s license gets suspended for one year if a person is convicted even of operating while impaired. Any conviction for OWI or operating while visibly impaired will result in a one-year suspension of the commercial driver’s license. So for anybody who is a truck driver or needs that commercial driver’s license, it is a much more serious matter than for the average person. With the commercial driver’s license, you’re pretty much going to lose your job if you’re convicted, and there’s nothing a judge can do about it. It’s not up to the prosecutor; it’s not up to the judge. If you’re convicted of OWI or operating while impaired, you will lose your CDL.

Is that just if you’re driving the commercial vehicle or is this also if you’re driving your own personal vehicle?

Yes. Even if you’re driving your own personal vehicle, you’ll lose your CDL.

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