Property Seizures

Property Seizures

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When you are convicted of certain categories of crimes in Michigan, the penalties may go beyond fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record: You could also be subject to property seizure, where the government will confiscate any property that may have been involved in the offense. Prosecutors have many tools available to accomplish seizures and they aggressively pursue them, especially in drug crimes cases. With your possessions at risk of forfeiture, your first line of defense should be hiring a skilled property seizures lawyer.

At the law offices of Michigan Defense Law, our attorneys work tirelessly to protect your assets from confiscation and defend against other criminal penalties. We have experience fighting in many types of criminal cases, enabling us to develop effective legal strategies to assist clients in fighting back against government seizures. You can trust our team to defend asset forfeitures and use every possible strategy to achieve a positive outcome in your case.

At Your Side When Your Property Rights are on the Line

Asset seizure is a tactic used by law enforcement as a means of punishing those convicted of drug crimes and other serious criminal offenses. Still, your property may be subject to confiscation even if you have not been convicted of a crime. People who are ultimately found not guilty of a crime may have assets seized with little chance of recovering it, despite their innocence.

Our attorneys protect your property rights on multiple fronts:

  • Attack the Charges: An arrest does not equal guilt, so one aspect of our defense strategy would be to fight the charges that are underlying the property seizure. It may be possible to have the charges dismissed if evidence was obtained in violation of your civil rights.
  • Fight the Property Seizure Proceedings: Assets may be seized as part of your conviction sentence, but prosecutors must prove that the property came into your hands around the same time as the crime. The burden of proof is “clear and convincing,” which is a lower standard than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard for a criminal conviction. Where the evidence doesn’t support an asset forfeiture, our lawyers will contest the seizure.

Note that a recent change in the law regarding property seizures eliminates that cash bond requirement; therefore, you’re no longer required to post bond in a percentage of the value of the assets before you can challenge the seizure. However, it is still crucial that a demand to contest the forfeiture be timely filed or your rights may be lost.

Consult with a Bloomfield Hills Criminal Property Seizures Lawyer Right Away

Under Michigan law, it’s often possible to recover property which has been seized either through civil or criminal proceedings. The key is retaining an attorney that will aggressively defend your interests. When your assets are on the line, it is crucial to speak with an experienced property seizures lawyer right away, as delays can lead to removal of your assets. Protect your possessions and legal rights by contacting the law firm of Michigan Defense Law or calling our Bloomfield Hills office at (248) 451-2200.

We can set up a case analysis to review your circumstances and tell you more about your options.

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