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No criminal charge should be taken lightly, but that is especially true when a person faces prosecution for a federal crime. By and large, the federal government has more resources with which to investigate and prosecute crimes than the state of Michigan, and conviction of a federal offense carries stiffer penalties and consequences than equivalent state law crimes.

If you have been charged or are under investigation for a federal crime, it is imperative to work with an experienced Michigan federal criminal lawyer. This should be someone who has extensive experience in fighting all types of federal charges and knows how the federal courts operate. Such an attorney will know which arguments to raise before the court and how best to defend their client’s rights while avoiding harsh penalties that may result from conviction on even relatively minor charges. In Michigan, that means Michigan Defense Law.

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Top-Rated Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Based in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Michigan Defense Law focuses solely on representing those accused of criminal wrongdoing. Attorneys Paul Tafelski and David Goukassian have years of experience handling serious criminal defense matters, including crimes charged under federal statutes.

Anyone in Michigan accused of committing a federal crime should receive top-flight legal representation. At Michigan Defense Law, our team of experienced federal defense lawyers has represented clients who have been wrongfully accused and who have made mistakes. No matter what the crime charged or the circumstances involved, we commit ourselves to protecting our clients’ rights and achieving an outcome that minimizes the impact on their lives and livelihoods.

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Federal Criminal Prosecution

Generally speaking, Michigan residents are subject to two distinct sets of criminal laws. There are the laws set out in Michigan’s statutes, which define a wide range of crimes within Michigan’s borders. Those crimes are prosecuted by county prosecuting attorney’s offices in Michigan state courts. And then there are federal criminal laws, mostly set forth in Titles 18 and 21 of the United States Code, which applies nationwide and are prosecuted by one of the two U.S. Attorney’s Offices in Michigan in one of the two federal judicial districts in Michigan.

In Bloomfield Hills, for example, most federal criminal prosecutions originate from the Office of the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan and are filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

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Federal Defense Attorney Paul J. Tafelski Explains How the Government Criminalizes Something

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In order for the federal government to criminalize something, it needs to have a connection to the Constitution. Usually, under the “Commerce Clause”, if the crime has an effect on interstate commerce, that would mean that the federal government can criminalize it.

Some crimes that are considered federal crimes include:

If you or someone you know is prosecuted or charged with federal crimes, you need the help of experienced criminal defense attorneys. At Michigan Defense Law, we specialize in representing clients who have been wrongfully charged with a criminal case or those who have made a mistake. We fight for their rights and help them minimize the impact of such a criminal charge in their life.

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Federal Criminal Cases Prosecutors and Courts

Federal criminal prosecutions differ in many significant ways from state-level prosecutions. As we mentioned above, the federal government has far greater investigative and prosecutorial resources than the state government. While local prosecutors rely on local and state police to investigate crimes, federal prosecutors have the power and depth of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies at their disposal. As a result, whereas state criminal charges often arise out of day-to-day policing matters, such as disorderly disturbance calls and routine traffic stops, federal prosecutions frequently (though not always) stem from long-term investigations involving sophisticated law enforcement techniques.

Federal prosecutions also get filed in federal court, which differs in some significant ways from state court. Federal courts tend to have more resources at their disposal than their state counterparts. Federal criminal rules and practices tend to be more regimented and inflexible than their state-court equivalents. Federal judges often demand more work products from attorneys who appear before them and have higher expectations for the quality of that work.

Federal judges also impose different sentences than state courts. For example, they will often give harsher penalties at sentencing for crimes that they believe are particularly harmful to their communities or the nation as a whole. Federal judges also have more discretion to impose consecutive sentences for multiple federal crimes committed during the same criminal episode. This can be particularly problematic if you are facing charges in both state court and federal court since it means that the penalties could get stacked on top of each other.

If you’re facing a federal charge, there’s a possibility that this would change the course of your future, regardless of whether you are innocent or not. This is why it’s very important to get the help of an experienced federal defense attorney. They have the expertise and experience needed to help you minimize the impact of this situation on your life. At Michigan Defense Law, federal criminal lawyers Paul Tafelski and David Goukassian have years of experience that can help your case.

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Thank you to Paul and more importantly Amy Bartold, for providing great legal support, during one of the most stressful and troubling times in my life. Amy you were very professional, patient, but yet meticulous in your approach to defending my case. Your legal expertise and attentiveness to historical legality led to an acquittal in my case. I want to thank you and Paul both for representing me, during a time in my life when I was very vulnerable, and had so much to lose. Once again, thank you for giving me my life back, and allowing me to live life unrestricted and free.

Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Federal Criminal Laws

Finally, federal criminal statutes frequently differ from state criminal statutes. It’s important to understand that there is a significant overlap between state and federal criminal laws. For example, state and federal laws both address drug trafficking, and the facts a prosecutor needs to prove under those laws to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt tend to be very similar. But those similarities do not always hold when it comes to punishment.

For instance, while both state and federal law permit punishment of up to life in prison for possession of a kilo or more of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, only the federal law imposes a mandatory ten-year term of incarceration. In other words, whether you are charged with a federal or state crime can make a significant difference in the potential punishment you may face.

Michigan federal crimes can be incredibly serious. If you have been charged with a federal crime or if you are being investigated for one, the best option is to contact experienced federal defense attorneys as soon as possible so that your rights and interests are protected at every stage of the proceedings. 

Michigan Defense Law has a team of experienced attorneys who can guide you and help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Attorneys  Paul Tafelski and David Goukassian have dedicated their time and expertise to help clients who are charged or are being investigated for federal crimes.

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Defense Attorney Explains What Goes Into Federal Criminal Investigations

If you are charged with federal criminal cases, instead of having the Michigan police involved in the investigation, a federal agency will take over the investigation before possibly turning the case over to the U.S. attorney. 

Sometimes, a tell-tale sign that you are under investigation is when agents come to your home to ask questions or to see if you have any information about a case they are investigating. Agents could tell you that they are investigating you, or just ask questions and not let you know what the case is about. It doesn’t matter what, it’s important to contact a lawyer right away if you are being interrogated in relation to a federal case.

False statements to law enforcement are a federal offense. False information can lead to a five-year sentence for a felony. Your statement does not require you to be present in court or under oath at the time. False statement cases often start with an innocent conversation with the feds. Talk to an attorney before you speak to investigators or risk giving false information to them, whether intentionally or not.

In certain cases, it may be quite obvious that your case is under investigation. At some point, you may get a letter telling you that you are the object of a federal probe. These letters may ask you to visit the U.S. attorney’s office or meet with investigators. You should not respond to these letters without seeking the legal advice of an attorney. Michigan Defense Law offers a criminal defense that can help you defend your case.

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Stages involved in a Michigan Federal Criminal Case:

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Each federal case is unique and varies depending on the circumstance. But, the usual proceedings include the following, according to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure:

Since the processes involved in being convicted or charged with a federal crime is very complicated, it’s very important to have a reliable defense attorney by your side. At Michigan Defense Law, we want to make sure that the defendant is not receiving false allegations or being tried for crimes they never did. Our experienced federal criminal defense lawyers Paul Tafelski and David Goukassian can help you navigate this complex system.

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The Role of A Federal Defense Lawyer

A federal criminal charge is very serious. The federal government holds a staggering amount of legal authority. The stakes can be high. Federal crimes sentences can often result in years, if certainly not decades, spent in federal prison. This includes mandatory minimum sentences for many crimes. It can be difficult to even get involved in a federal investigation. This is why an experienced defense attorney helps you navigate the legal system.

A criminal defense attorney protects clients against illegal searches and seizures. This is usually done by ensuring that the government presents evidence that is sufficient to convict someone of a crime.

Having an experienced lawyer can help you with the following:

Being charged with a federal crime can be a very challenging time in your life. Having the guidance of an experienced attorney can help you minimize the impact of this situation on your future. If you need the help of a criminal defense attorney, Michigan Defense Law can offer you guidance. Our team of experienced lawyers has made it their passion to defend the rights of their clients. You don’t have to be alone in this.

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I didn’t know much about the entire legal process so Paul was a great Lawyer for me. He took the time to explain everything without making me feel dumb. He fought for me and got me a great outcome for my case. He is a great guy that eased my stress about my case and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Paul!

Federal Defense Attorney Discusses Defenses to Charges of Federal Crimes

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In short, being charged with federal crimes means contending with high stakes and powerful prosecutors. Mounting a defense to a federal criminal charge requires diligence, fortitude, and skill. 

What might those defenses entail? Obviously, it depends in significant part on the crime charged. But, as a general matter, a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer will explore two principal avenues:

Of course, sometimes a defendant will want to concede guilt and negotiate a guilty plea with the federal prosecutor. In that case, the criminal defense counsel’s job transforms into an effort to help his client avoid the worst consequences of a conviction. In federal cases, prosecutors tend to have less flexibility in what crimes they charge and what pleas they can accept than state-level prosecutors do. For that reason, it is important to have defense lawyers who understand when and how federal prosecutors can exercise discretion.

Finally, if a client faces sentencing in federal court, it can be crucial for a lawyer to prepare a detailed sentencing submission, to help convince the federal judge to mete out the most lenient sentence possible. Until recently, federal judges were bound to follow a set of sentencing “guidelines” that could result in very harsh sentences. Today, those guidelines are merely “advisory,” but many judges still adhere to them by default, which makes the strength and thoroughness of a defendant’s sentencing presentation especially important.

Michigan Federal Criminal Attorney

If you face prosecution for a federal crime, choose a lawyer who has the experience, reputation, and know-how to protect your rights

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