CDL Violations

CDL Violations

The legal implications of a conviction on traffic violation are a burden upon most Michigan drivers that rely on driving to get to and from their jobs. That burden is considerably increased when driving IS the job. State laws on those holding a commercial driver license (CDL) are extremely strict and come with greater penalties, which impact the holder’s ability to earn an income. As a licensee, a suspension due to a CDL violation may also affect your future in the profession. The need for a strong motor vehicle offenses attorney is critical.

When your livelihood is on the line, you can trust the criminal defense attorneys at the law firm of Michigan Defense Law We bring extensive expertise and experience to the table when developing a strategy to fight CDL violations charges. Our lawyers appreciate that your license is about more than just driving for convenience; your CDL is your paycheck and you need it to be successful.

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While a conventional traffic ticket may mean a fine, CDL violations subject commercial drivers to license suspension and other penalties. The consequences depend upon the type of offense.

  • Major Disqualifications: A finding of a “major” violation of law can result in a CDL disqualification for a year for the first offense; a second offense is a lifetime disqualification. These offenses apply whether you’re driving a commercial vehicle or your own car, and they include DUI, refusal to take a chemical test for alcohol, leaving the scene of an accident, driving a commercial vehicle while under suspension, and other violations.
  • Serious Traffic Violations: These types of offenses become significant if cumulative, as only second and subsequent offenses within a three-year period will result in a disqualification ranging from 60-120 days. Violations in a non-commercial vehicle are typically not included in serious traffic violations. A serious violation includes such acts as speeding, reckless driving, or erratic lane changes.
  • CDL-Specific Offenses: Certain regulations apply only to CDL holders, but a violation may result in license suspension or jail time. These offenses may be carrying an oversized load without a permit, improper logging of trip data, and grade restrictions on steep hills. In addition, it’s unlawful to possess more than one CDL in your home and additional states. You risk losing all of the licenses, incarceration, and fines.

Don’t Do It Alone: Get Help from a Bloomfield Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer

Current Michigan state law regarding commercial driving regulations is constantly changing, and state officials continue to crack down on enforcement efforts. Therefore, it’s essential to retain knowledgeable counsel to assist in defending your rights. More than your driving privileges is at stake: Your livelihood depends upon obtaining the best possible outcome in a case involving your CDL. For more information on how our attorneys can help, please contact the law offices of Michigan Defense Law or call our Bloomfield Hills office directly at (248) 451-2200. We’re happy to answer your questions or set up a case evaluation.

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