Juvenile Offenses

Juvenile Offenses

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Being charged with a crime is a serious matter at any age, but the impact of a conviction on a juvenile offender has significant implications beyond jail time and fines. There may be long-term effects, including difficulties with obtaining employment or getting into college.

A simple mistake doesn’t have to mean life-changing consequences, but you need a skillful defense strategy and strong legal representation to avoid harsh penalties.

If you’re a minor or family member is a juvenile accused of committing a criminal offense in Michigan, you can trust the lawyers at the office of Michigan Defense Law with your defense. Our experienced attorneys can protect you from being charged as an adult where possible, and will aggressively contest the allegations to keep a conviction off your permanent record. We represent juvenile offenders on a variety of charges and strive to deliver the best results in criminal cases.

Representing Families in Michigan Juvenile Crimes Cases

Time is of the essence in any criminal matter, particularly in juvenile offenses. The sooner you have a lawyer advocating on your behalf, the better your chances are to successfully fight the charges. Our attorneys represent minors of all ages in Michigan courts, and we can assist with a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Misdemeanor and Felony Offenses: When a minor is accused of misdemeanor or felony crimes, the prosecutor may charge him or her as an adult. This is especially true where the offense is severe or the offender has a history of criminal activity. It’s critical to fight against having the matter heard in an adult court, where a conviction would be part of the juvenile’s permanent criminal record.
  • Delinquency Actions: A child under the age of 17 could be charged with a delinquency action, a serious matter even if the matter isn’t officially criminal in nature. Criminal offenses like drug possession, assault, theft crimes, or sex offenses may result in a minor being sentenced as an adult – even in juvenile court.
  • Juvenile Consent Calendar: In some cases, it may be possible to request that the child be placed with the juvenile consent calendar. The benefit is that there is no plea entered in a criminal case so there is no “conviction”. . Still, the minor offender must complete the terms of the arrangement within a designated time period to avoid a criminal charge and court proceedings.

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Every child’s future is worth fighting to protect, even if he or she made a regrettable mistake or exercised poor judgment. There’s a lot at stake in a juvenile case, but there are options for ensuring a fair, reasonable outcome that still enables the child to have a bright future. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help with all aspects of crimes involving minors. For more information on juvenile offenses in Michigan, please contact the law firm of Michigan Defense Law or call our Bloomfield Hills office directly at (248) 451-2200. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your options or answer your questions.

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