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Most DUIs are charged as misdemeanors. Even though felonies are more serious, you should take misdemeanor DUI charges seriously. A drunk driving conviction can result in increased penalties for a subsequent offense. If you are charged with a misdemeanor DUI, you should discuss your situation with the experienced misdemeanor drunk driving attorneys at Michigan Defense Law. 

You may feel like the prosecution has a strong case because you failed field sobriety tests or there are chemical test results, but you should talk to a Michigan misdemeanor DUI lawyer who can build the strongest available defense strategy rather than assuming that a conviction is forthcoming.

Even in situations where you may feel your case is hopeless, it is important to go to court with a strategy to minimize your damage. Often, defendants charged with a first-offense OWI simply talk to a friend who has been through the process and assume they know what they are talking about. The problem with that approach is every Judge has a unique power and unique philosophies about drunk driving cases. Some Judges give jail time to first offenders, some give long and difficult probations. Some are more understanding. 

Having an experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyer who knows what your particular judge cares about and devises a strategy to get you the best result possible can be the difference between successfully completing probation and violating DUI probation and going to jail. The case is not over until your probation is complete. Therefore, getting a sentence that is manageable for your life and your circumstances is imperative to long-term success.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a misdemeanor drunk driving offense, it’s important to act fast and seek legal representation from experienced DUI lawyers. Michigan Defense Law has a team of skilled attorneys who focuses on DUI defense and are ready to fight for your rights.

Don’t let an impaired driving charge ruin your life. Contact Michigan Defense Law today to schedule a consultation with a trusted drunk-driving attorney. They can guide you through the legal process, help you understand your options, and work to protect your driver’s license.

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I’ve used Paul for a BAIID appeal hearing multiple times. He has been very professional is very knowledgeable in the laws applicable. I’ve used other attorneys in the past but have never had the satisfaction as I’ve had with Paul. Most attorneys will over promise but be hard to reach after the contract is signed. Despite the time of day or the day of the week, he has always immediately responded to me. In addition, his assistant Karen has always been incredibly helpful in making calls to the SOS on my behalf. Although he may not have all the answers immediately, his immediate reply has reassured me numerous times. Just knowing that he’s reachable allayed much of my anxiety. In the end, he went above and beyond to make sure everything worked out. I would gladly recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.

Misdemeanor DUI Offense

In Michigan, drunk driving is also called operating while intoxicated or driving while intoxicated. DUI charges are brought when a driver operates a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, liquor, drugs, or a combination of these. To secure a conviction, a prosecutor will need to establish certain elements beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) you were operating a motor vehicle (2) on a highway or publicly accessible place, and (3) you were under the influence of alcohol or had a bodily alcohol level of 0.08 grams or more per 100 milliliters of blood or 210 liters of breath or 67 milliliters of urine. Most DUI is charged as a misdemeanor. For a misdemeanor, you can be punished by a maximum of one year in jail, and for a second offense within 7 years. This time is served in the county jail.

In many situations, it is possible to avoid jail time with a first-offense misdemeanor DUI. Misdemeanors are less serious than felony DUI charges, for which you may face prison time; prisons are run by the Michigan Department of Corrections. Even so, a drunk driving or impaired driving conviction can have a significant impact on a person’s life. It can also result in harsher penalties for a subsequent offense. Thus, it is wise to retain an attorney for misdemeanor DUI  in Michigan.

If you or someone you know is facing a misdemeanor drunk driving or impaired driving charge in Michigan, it’s important to seek the legal assistance of experienced DUI lawyers. Michigan Defense Law has a team of knowledgeable attorneys who specialize in DUI defense and can help you navigate your case.

A DUI charge can have serious consequences, including the potential loss of your driver’s license and even jail time. So, contact Michigan Defense Law today to schedule a consultation with a trusted drunk driving attorney in Michigan. Their attorneys can guide you through the legal process, explain your options, and work towards protecting your rights and future.

I didn’t know much about the entire legal process so Paul was a great Lawyer for me. He took the time to explain everything without making me feel dumb. He fought for me and got me a great outcome for my case. He is a great guy that eased my stress about my case and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Paul!

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Limit for DUI Offenses

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Michigan’s legal limit for drunk driving is 0.08. However, you could still be convicted of drunk driving if your blood alcohol content was lower than this threshold. People often wonder, “How many drinks is it going to take for my blood alcohol level to reach.08?”

It depends on your body composition and a variety of other factors. Understanding how to properly defend DUI cases is dependent on understanding the metabolism of alcohol.

If you’re facing a DUI case in Michigan, it’s crucial to have an experienced defense attorney by your side. Michigan Defense Law is here to help you navigate through the legal process and protect your rights.

Our site offers valuable information about the legal process, as well as resources to help you better understand your rights and options.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact Michigan Defense Law today to schedule a consultation and take the first step in protecting your future.

Defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski has years of courtroom experience helping his clients face charges of drunk driving in Michigan. Our team of attorneys for Michigan DUI may be able to help you avoid a DUI conviction.

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Body Composition and Alcohol absorption

Many physiological factors play a part in how alcohol affects your body. Men and women react differently to alcohol, due to differences in the size of the liver, the amount of alcohol-eliminating chemicals, and the percentage of water that helps to dilute the alcohol in the blood.

Because women have more body fat than men, alcohol stays in the bloodstream for longer. These differences in body composition mean that a woman and a man of equal weight will experience different effects from the same amount.

A male driver’s average rate of elimination is 0.015 an hour and 0.018 for a woman driver. People believe that women will eliminate faster, which is why they get drunk quicker. However, the main reason for women getting drunk more quickly is that they have more fat. The alcohol is able to move more easily because it is concentrated in the same areas as the water.

If you’re facing a DUI case in Michigan, don’t go through it alone. Contact Michigan Defense Law and get the help of an experienced defense attorney. Our team of DUI attorneys understands the stress and uncertainty that come with a DUI charge, and we’re here to provide the legal representation you need to go through the process.

I didn’t know much about the entire legal process so Paul was a great Lawyer for me. He took the time to explain everything without making me feel dumb. He fought for me and got me a great outcome for my case. He is a great guy that eased my stress about my case and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Paul!

Penalties for Michigan Drunk Driving

A conviction for misdemeanor OWI can result in fines of $100-$500, a maximum of 93 days in jail, and a maximum of 360 hours of community service. The Secretary of State can impose sanctions of a 180-day license suspension with a restricted license available after 30 days. Six points will be added to your driving record.

For a second misdemeanor DUI conviction, you may face harsher penalties and sanctions. Sanctions imposed by the Secretary of State could include a minimum one-year license revocation as well as six points added to your driving record. You may be ordered to equip your car with an ignition interlock device. This is a device that requires you to blow into it and take a breath alcohol test before the car will start. Also, your plate will be confiscated, but registration will not be denied. You can also face vehicle forfeiture, but it is not mandatory. Your car may be immobilized for a maximum of 180 days, but the court is not required to do that. A skilled Michigan misdemeanor DUI attorney can help you try to avoid these penalties.

A third drunk driving offense at any time in your lifetime could be charged as a felony. You can face up to five years in prison for a third drunk driving offense. Unlike some other states, Michigan DUI penalties and convictions cannot be expunged after you get off probation and complete all probation requirements.

Whether you are facing DUI or OWI charges, a skilled attorney can help you mount a strong defense and fight for your rights. Contact our skilled misdemeanor driving attorney at Michigan Defense Law today. 

How Long Does DUI/OWI Conviction Stay on Your Record?

A DUI conviction in Michigan can have severe, long-term consequences. It is natural for people who face DUI charges to wonder how long the conviction will stay on their record and if they can have it expunged. In this regard, it is important to note that a DUI is both a criminal and traffic offense and, as such, is recorded on both the person’s driving and criminal records. 

Unfortunately, a DUI conviction stays on a person’s record permanently. Moreover, specific laws related to DUIs require courts to report certain offenses to the Secretary of State. These laws also prevent courts from taking a DUI under advisement or deferring it, meaning that individuals cannot have the charge deferred for a particular period and have it dismissed or reduced to a non-alcohol-related offense.

Is OWI a Misdemeanor?

In Michigan, a first or second-offense OWI without aggravating factors is considered a misdemeanor. Those convicted of an OWI misdemeanor may face jail time, along with hefty fines and court costs that can total thousands of dollars. Furthermore, individuals may be required to undergo random drug and alcohol testing at their expense and participate in lengthy and expensive substance abuse treatment programs.

Defense attorney Paul J. Tafelski and our team of lawyers for DUI charges in Michigan have years of experience providing legal support for their clients. We may be able to guide you through the process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Michigan Defense Attorney Paul J. Tafelski Explains the Defenses for DUI Cases

It is important to fight misdemeanor DUI charges. Although the punishment is not as severe as for a felony DUI, you will be left with a criminal record and the entire process can be a nightmare. An experienced attorney can evaluate the circumstances of your drunk driving charge and determine which defense might be appropriate, given the facts. It is important you receive customized representation in order to achieve the best outcome in your OWI case. There may be constitutional or procedural defenses. 

For instance, an officer must have a reasonable suspicion of criminal wrongdoing to pull you over for drunk driving under the Fourth Amendment, which guards against illegal searches and seizures. If there was no reasonable suspicion to pull you over, we may be able to get evidence obtained during the stop suppressed in a motion. Similarly, if there was no probable cause to arrest you for the misdemeanor DUI, we may be able to get evidence obtained after an arrest is suppressed.

In some OWI cases the police lack proof that the Defendant was actually operating the vehicle at the time he was alleged to be intoxicated. This is one of the elements of the crime and if they can’t show how drunk the person was when they were driving, they may not be able to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. This type of issue along with others such as failure to follow proper procedures when arresting or testing a Defendant’s breath or blood can lead to evidentiary challenges that can win the case or lead to superior plea bargains based upon the prosecution being weakened. Criminal defense lawyers in Michigan can provide valuable advice and guidance that results in the best outcome.

Don’t give up on your OWI case before it has even started. A thorough review of the evidence is needed to determine the right direction in your case.

I wanted to say thank you for representing me this week. I could not be happier with the outcome. I truly realize how significant the impact of my situation is going to be the rest of my life. People make mistakes but people do change. You were a great supporter, open, candid and very honest. I felt like you really cared about the outcome of my case. I will gladly pass your name along to anyone I know who is seeking legal assistance for a DUI.

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If you are charged with a misdemeanor DUI, you should discuss your situation with our knowledgeable Michigan DUI attorneys. Our experienced drunk driving lawyers can work to find the approach likeliest to yield an appropriate result. Michigan Defense Law represents people in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, and Washtenaw Counties.

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