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Why To Hire An Experienced Attorney Versus Just Pleading Guilty?

Let us just assume for the sake of discussion that the person was completely guilty and they had no chance to beat their case. People would obviously know they needed a lawyer if they thought they had a defense and they thought they could win their case, because in that case they would obviously know they needed help.

People who wonder whether or not they needed help would often think they did not have any defense and they would assume they had no way to beat the case, so they think it would be a better idea to just go in there and apologize.

The fact is that every case would be different and unique. For example, many judges give harsher penalties if the person got their DUI during the afternoon or early evening hours when there would generally be a lot of kids and families out and about, than they would if the person got the same DUI at 2 o’clock in the morning when there were fewer people on the road.

This happens because in the judge’s mind, it would be an aggravating factor if the person was driving drunk when there were kids getting out of school or kids who were going to sports or other activities practice. Even though the person may have done the exact same thing and there may not have been an accident or injury, some judges would just view that as more problematic.

The point is that every case would be a little bit different, and every driver and their background would be a little bit different, every court would be a little bit different and every judge within the same court might be a little bit different.

The court would have wide ranging tools at their disposal with which to punish the accused and with which to teach them a lesson, which is why it would always be a good idea to make sure the case was prepared as well as possible to convince the court that the person did indeed deserve minimal punishment.

Some judges tend to give jail time on a first offense and the maximum jail time on a first offense would be 93 days in jail. If the person knew they had to do jail and there was no way out of it, then it would be worth it to fight to try to get 7 days in jail instead of 30 days or 60 days or 90 days. In every one of these situations, things could be done to minimize the trouble the person might face.

If they had never been in that situation, they did not know their judge, they did not know the prosecutor and they did not know whether certain things about the case would bother them or not, then they would be doing themselves a disservice by not having an experienced attorney who could help and guide them through that system and make sure they were safe.

At that point the person would already be in a hole, so they should stop digging because they would not want to make that hole any deeper. The person would want to get out of that hole as easily as possible so they could get on with their life. This is something that a good lawyer could help them get out of in the best way possible.

A DUI Conviction Might Affect Someone Trying To Obtain U.S. Citizenship, Green Card Or Visa

A DUI conviction could cause consequences with immigration, because immigration may look at it as a crime of moral turpitude. This would sometimes be a more serious matter than other convictions in the eyes of immigration and therefore it could have serious repercussions.

This would especially be true if we considered whether or not there was anything else working against that person as well. These are all things that would require the person to have their case looked at on an individual basis, so they should not try to rely on general information they found on the internet or anywhere else.

In this case, the person would need to have experienced and good counsel sit down with them to discuss their whole situation so they could get the best advice they could about their personal case.

It could get risky for the person to just assume they might know what would happen based upon reading a little bit here or there.

Your Should Always Consult With An Experienced Attorney Regarding Your DUI Case

A lot of people get OWIs or DUIs so they talk to friends or family members who had one before, and then they would assume from what they heard that they knew what would happen, they knew what they should do and they knew how their case would turn out.

I would strongly advise people who have been charged to at least take the time to make a few phone calls to some experienced lawyers so they could find out if they agreed with what the person was thinking, because oftentimes, the difference from one court to another can be tremendous even if it was only 3 miles apart.

People can get bad advice, even if it is given with good intentions, and if things then went wrong with the case they would not be able to go back and start over and fix it because by then it would be too late. The important thing would be to make sure the person was ready to deal with it as the case proceeded.

People just should not rely on people who do not truly know the current case, the law in the court and the judges.

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