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Five Facts About Felony DUI in Michigan

Being arrested for DUI in Michigan is bad enough, but being charged with felony DUI can be devastating.

Most drunk driving offenses in Michigan are classified as misdemeanors. But some carry a more serious felony classification.

What is the difference?

The biggest difference is incarceration. A person convicted of a misdemeanor will face jail time of one year or less. But a felony DUI can land you in prison for much longer.

A felony DUI case made headlines recently in Chesterfield Township. There, a 30-year-old man is accused of causing a crash that killed three people on their way to a dialysis center. He is facing criminal charges of second-degree murder, driving recklessly causing death, and drunken driving causing death.

The man was in a Chrysler minivan at 3:30 AM in Highland Park, according to the Detroit Free Press, when he began driving dangerously to elude police. His van collided head-on with a Toyota Sienna medical transport van at an intersection.

Three people in the medical vehicle died. The driver of the Chrysler was injured and lost an eye.

The Facts About Drunk Driving and Felonies in Michigan

1. The charge of Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death or Serious Injury is a felony.

2. A third conviction of drunk driving can result in one to five years in prison, hefty fines, probation, loss of driving privileges and community service. You may be ordered to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle before you can get your driver’s license back. You may also have to forfeit your car.

3. Transporting a child at the time of the incident can result in a Michigan DUI felony charge.

4. A person with a criminal record that includes a felony conviction is not eligible to hold a government position, work with children or own a firearm.

5. A felony DUI conviction in Michigan can make it difficult to apply for a loan or get a job.

If you are facing a drunk driving charge, a Michigan DUI lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and options.


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