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  • I have no tickets on my record and just got a speeding ticket. Is it worth fighting?

    Absolutely. The best time to fight a ticket is while you have a clean record. An experienced traffic lawyer can often negotiate the best plea bargain when the client has a clean record. Often, a deal can be made to reduce the ticket to an offense that does not get reported to the Secretary of State and therefore never appears on your record. That way, if you get another ticket you will still have a clean record and can try and avoid any points all over again.

  • I just got a ticket and I was definitely guilty. Is it worth fighting?

    Generally, yes. If you have an experienced criminal defense attorney, a reduction in the number of points can usually be negotiated. Sometimes the ticket can be eliminated altogether. Unless the officer gave you an unbelievable break they will usually agree to a reduction when an experienced lawyer is involved.

  • I would like to fight my traffic ticket but I don’t want to take a day off work to go to court. Is there any other way to fight the ticket?

    Most courts in metro Detroit recognize how busy people are and are now allowing traffic ticket attorneys to represent their clients without the clients having to be present in traffic matters. Often clients give us authority to negotiate the best possible deal for them and we handle everything without the clients presence. However, if you want to fight the ticket with an actual hearing you will need to be present.

  • What is Michigan’s Drivers Responsibility Law?

    Basically, it is a tax on bad drivers that Governor Granholm and the legislature created to help fix the states budget deficit. However, since politicians don’t want to be accused of raising taxes they called it a law about responsibility. The fees begin at $100 if a person has 7 or more active points on their record and increase by $50 for every additional point. For 18 points the fee is $650. Once you cross the point threshold you will have to pay the fee for two years. Failure to pay the fee will result in a suspension of your driving privileges. In addition, the following, more serious traffic matters have higher fines. Operating While Intoxicated- $1000 per year for two years, Operating While Impaired- $500 per year for two years, Driving While License Suspended- $500 per year for two years, No Proof of Insurance- $200 per year for two years. Below is a list of eligible offenses and their fines.

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