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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

The following information is presented to help people understand the seriousness of domestic violence and the legal ramifications if convicted. If you have been accused of a domestic violence related crime, the best advice is to immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney.

We are familiar with the court system and legal challenges that my clients face. In addition to the serious legal implications in domestic violence cases, there is a social stigma that often follows the accused for the rest of their lives. There are severe penalties if convicted of assault, harassment, stalking, malicious mischief, violation of a personal protection order, or other domestic violence crimes. You could be sentenced to jail or prison, receive large fines, court costs, community service and mandated counseling. The prosecuting attorneys are in this to win and know the rules. Who will fight for you in the justice system? We will. Our domestic violence lawyers can help to ensure that you receive the fair treatment that is your right under the law.

When spouses, intimate partners, or “dates” use physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, or stalking to control the behavior of their partners, they are committing domestic violence.

Domestic violence usually involves people who have an intimate relationship, are married, couples who live or have lived together, and couples with a common child. Often the police are called by one or both angry parties. Sometimes they don’t know who to believe so they simply arrest someone, usually the man. Very often the difference between being found Not Guilty and being convicted is a single piece of evidence that discredits an accuser. We work hard to build your case and protect your rights. If you have been charged with a form of domestic violence contact our criminal lawyers immediately.

While Domestic Violence is One of the Most Underreported Crimes, It is Also One of the Most FALSELY Reported

While domestic violence is one of the most underreported crimes, it is also one of the most FALSELY reported. Many different situations lead to accusations and arrest, however there are strategies to prevent the incident from becoming part of a person’s record, even if convicted. It takes a domestic violence lawyer who understands the laws and the system to exploit the strengths and weaknesses in your case. Whether you have been falsely accused, or need legal expertise to help ensure your rights to a fair trial, we have the experience and resources to help.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss the charge, the corresponding laws and the penalties you face if convicted of the crime. Working within the system, we will document critical details and request that evidence (such as 911 tapes, police dispatch tapes, or witness statements) be preserved and made available. This evidence can be used to identify inconsistencies in the accuser’s version of events or to shed light on the reality of what occurred. Unfortunately, without an attorney to take these steps, evidence favorable to your case may be lost as a simple matter of procedure.

Domestic Violence-1st Offense-93 day misdemeanorMCLA 750.81(1)
Second or subsequent offenseMCLA 750-81(3)-(4)
StalkingMCLA 750.411h:
Malicious use of mail or telecommunicationsMCLA 750.540
Felonious AssaultMCLA 750.82
Assault with intent to murderMCLA 750.83
Assault-intent to do harm – less than murderMCLA 750.84
Contributing to the delinquency of a minorMCLA 750.145
Obstruction of JusticeMCLA 750.122
Malicious destruction of propertyMCLA 750.377a, 750.380
TrespassingMCLA 750.547

A qualified domestic violence lawyer has the knowledge, resources and experience to effectively preserve evidence, prepare your case and ensure that your rights are protected. If you have been accused of any of these domestic violence crimes, do not hesitate to call us or contact our domestic violence lawyers online. Do not jeopardize your future; these are serious charges with serious penalties if convicted. You need an experienced attorney to be your voice in a hostile environment – whether it’s seeking a dismissal, negotiating a plea bargain, or defending you at trial.

Client Reviews
My son was charged with two serious felonies for home invasion. Paul worked long and hard on the case and was able to negotiate a deal so that all of the charges were dismissed after my son completed probation. He is now in college without a criminal record. Mr. T.
I was arrested for drunk driving and possession of a controlled substance (Vicodin). Paul worked hard on the case and kept the felony off my record and got the drunk driving case reduced so that I kept my driver’s license and my job. He really cared about helping me. J.T.
When I recently had an issue at the airport, I decided to call Paul on the weekend. He called me back on a Sunday! He dealt with my issue without me having to fly back to Michigan and got it dismissed. Until you go through the court system especially for the first time, you don’t have a sense for how harrowing it can be. E.W.