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A Criminal Defense Client

Posted On: April 22, 2017  
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A Criminal Defense Client

“Paul did an excellent job representing me as my criminal defense attorney. I was struggling to decide if I wanted to pay for attorney services or just represent myself on my second probation violation hearing. I made a last minute decision to hire Paul and looking back I’m certain that I made the right call. I telephoned Paul on a Saturday morning and he returned my VM within a couple hours and scheduled a consultation for the following Sunday morning. I met with him on a Sunday morning and we discussed my case in elaborate detail and went to court two days later. Paul far exceeded my expectations, he took the time to fully understand my situation and give me the best possible representation in a very difficult situation.

Paul handled everything, at my hearing he approached the Judge with my probation officer and they discussed the details of the case amongst the three of themselves. Paul arranged a favorable sentence for me. The Judge told me “Your attorney spoke eloquently in your defense”…

I believe that hiring Paul to defend me that day was one of the best decisions I ever made. This was the third time I hired Paul in my defense and he did a fine job representing me each time.”


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