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DUI & Child Endangerment

A conviction for drunk driving could result in imprisonment, probation or hefty fines, and may impact your driving privileges, job prospects and insurance rates. If you have been charged with child endangerment in addition to the OWI/DUI charges, you are facing even tougher penalties.

What Are the Potential Penalties for Child Endangerment?

In Michigan, the charge of child endangerment is a separate offense that can be charged in addition to the principal charge of operating while impaired (OWI). The statute relating to child endangerment for a first-time offense where the driver was over the age of 21 adds an additional offense if the OWI charge occurred while someone under age 16 was in the vehicle. The misdemeanor offense carries a fine that ranges from $200 to $1,000, plus a prison sentence of 5 days to 1 year or 30-90 days of community service.

In essence, this means that a conviction for child endangerment could result in at least 5 days in jail with at least 48 hours of that sentence being served consecutively. A conviction could also result in a community service obligation as well as an additional fine. If convicted of a subsequent offense, the potential penalties are significantly more serious. 

How Can A Child Endangerment Defense Attorney Help Me?

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI-related child endangerment offense, you need the services of an experienced and dedicated Michigan DUI child endangerment defense attorney. The law office of Paul J. Tafelski is ready to put years of experience and knowledge to work for you right away.

An arrest does not have to equal a conviction. Law enforcement officers are not perfect — sometimes they make mistakes. Your case will be fully investigated and all the evidence against you reviewed and analyzed. Some areas that may be available for your defense include the following:

  • The initial stop of your vehicle — was it legal?
  • The search of your vehicle — was it legal?
  • The tests used to determine that you were over the legal limit — where they administered properly?
  • Were you aware of the age of the occupant of your vehicle?
  • Was the analysis of the breathalyzer test conducted properly?
  • Were there any special circumstances that could have made the tests inaccurate?

If, after a review of all the evidence, it appears as though the state’s case is not as strong as the prosecutors thought it was, and you wish to proceed to trial, then attorney Paul J. Tafelski is ready to aggressively defend you in court. On the other hand, if a plea bargain ultimately appears to be in your best interest, then attorney Paul J. Tafelski will work diligently to negotiate a plea agreement that is as favorable to you as possible.

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