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Going Into Restricted Areas at the Airport

When you are at Detroit Metro Airport, you are required to abide by Wayne County Airport Authority Airport Ordinance, or the Airport Rules and Regulations, which prohibit passengers (and other persons without express authority) to access certain areas of the airport. When you do not live in Michigan and are simply transiting through Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport en route to another destination, it can be scary and frustrating to realize that you are being charged with a crime and need to find an experienced Detroit airport crimes lawyer to assist with your case.

If you enter a Security Sensitive Area at Detroit Metro Airport, or if you enter a Sterile Area or board an aircraft without first going through TSA passenger screening and inspection, you can be subject to a misdemeanor charge under the law. Were you recently charged with a misdemeanor offense that involved going into a restricted area at the airport? An aggressive Michigan criminal defense attorney can help with your case. At the law office of Paul J. Tafelski, we have significant experience assisting defendants who are facing airport crimes offenses, including TSA Checkpoint Violations, retail fraud, drug posession, assault and batter, disorderly conduct, and dangerous weapon charges.

Security Sensitive Areas and Michigan Airport Law

Under Section 11.3 of the Airport Rules and Regulations, there are Security Sensitive Areas within Detroit Metro Airport. Access to these areas is limited to authorized personnel. Anyone who violates the law can be charged with a misdemeanor. Entering a Security Sensitive Area can involve violations of more than one subsection of Section 11, which can result in additional charges, such as:

  • In entering a Security Sensitive Area, Section 11.4 of the Airport Rules and Regulations clarifies that you can face charges if you attempt to circumvent any security system, measure, or procedure;
  • Entering, or being present in a Security Sensitive Area without complying with security measures can result in charges;
  • Interfering with, assaulting, threatening, or intimidating certain airport security personnel in entering a Security Sensitive Area is a violation of the law; and
  • Forging, altering, duplicating, or using identification to enter a Security Sensitive Area when you should not have access is a violation of the Airport Rules and Regulations.

Passenger Screening Points and Aircraft Boarding

Some areas at Detroit Metro Airport are simply restricted to travelers. In other words, it does not matter what type of screening you go through—you are not permitted to access restricted areas like Security Sensitive Areas. Other areas can be restricted, however, if a passenger refuses to go through proper screening procedures.

For example, under Section 11.11 of the Airport Rules and Regulations, a person is prohibited from entering a Sterile Area or boarding an aircraft without first going through TSA screening. This kind of checkpoint violation can mean that you are in a restricted area in violation of the law and can face misdemeanor charges. The Wayne County Airport Police can detain you and not only prevent you from taking your flight, but can also arrest you for the offense.

Discuss Your Defense with an Airport Crimes Lawyer in Detroit

If you entered a restricted area at Detroit Metro Airport and are facing misdemeanor charges, an airport crimes defense lawyer in Michigan can assist you. Contact the law office of Paul J. Tafelski to begin building your defense.

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