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Crimes and Traffic Offenses at the Detroit Airport

The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, or Detroit Metro Airport, is commonly listed among the busiest airports in the country, serving Michigan residents and travelers from throughout the U.S. and across the world. The McNamara Terminal is filled with retail shops and restaurants for busy flyers, and thousands of people move through the terminal every day. While most travelers arrive at Detroit Metro Airport and board their flights with few serious interruptions, individuals frequently are charged with crimes and traffic offenses at the airport. Whether you are a traveler and are detained for a checkpoint violation or are accused of retail fraud, an experienced Detroit criminal defense attorney can help with your case.

Types of Detroit Airport Crimes and Traffic Offenses We Handle

At the Michigan Defense Law, we have significant experience handling a wide variety of criminal matters and traffic offenses from Detroit Metro Airport. Indeed, we have successfully resolved many of these cases for clients in ways that have left their records clean and have allowed them to avoid having to personally appear in court. The following are just some of the types of airport defense cases we handle:

  • Retail Fraud at the Airport;
  • Getting Into Arguments with Airline People;
  • TSA Checkpoint Violations, or Going Into Restricted Areas at the Airport;
  • Drug Possession, or Getting Caught with Drugs at the Airport; and
  • Dangerous Weapon Offenses, or Weapons Going Through Airport Security.

The Wayne County Airport Police are constantly on high alert for criminal activity, and individuals are often wrongly accused. At the same time, sometimes people simply make mistakes and do not deserve to face the consequences of a misdemeanor or felony conviction simply because of single incident involving poor judgment. Whether you have been wrongly accused or need help avoiding some of the serious penalties that apply even to first-time offenders, it is important to discuss your case with a criminal defense lawyer in Detroit.

Many traffic tickets are issued by the Romulus Police Department and the Airport Police Department around Wayne County Airport.  Often, out of state travelers just decide to pay their tickets rather than fighting them because of the inconvenience.  People should understand that these tickets will usually be shared with your home state through the Interstate Compact and the points will appear just as if your received the ticket in your own state.  Our office can handle all civil infractions in the Romulus District Court without you needing to be present with us.  Often, we are able to negotiate results that do not appear on your driving record.  Call for more information about this convenient service that can protect your insurance rates for years to come.

Penalties for Detroit Metro Airport Crimes

Under Section 22 of the Wayne County Airport Authority Airport Ordinance, or the Airport Rules and Regulations, there are serious penalties for committing a crime (e.g., Section 6, Section 9, Section 11, Section 14, and Section 15) or traffic violation (Section 18) at Detroit Metro Airport. The following are examples of penalties based on the level of the offense:

  • Administrative Penalty: a monetary penalty of up to $1,000.
  • Misdemeanor: If you are convicted of a violation of any of the laws that are punishable as a misdemeanor offense, you will be assessed a fine not to exceed $500.00 and the costs of prosecution. In addition, you can be sentenced to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 90 days.

Airport cases are assigned to the 34th District Court, which is located at 11121 Wayne Road in Romulus, Michigan. Felony charges begin in Romulus, but then end up in downtown Detroit at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice. The phone number to the court in Romulus is 734-941-4462.

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