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Getting Caught with Drugs at the Airport

Getting caught with drugs at Detroit Metro Airport can result in serious criminal penalties under both the Wayne County Airport Authority Airport Ordinance (also known as the Airport Rules and Regulations), and the Michigan Public Health Code (Section 333.7403). Possessing drugs and other controlled substances at the airport is a grave offense, and it is extremely important to work with an experienced Detroit criminal defense attorney if you are facing charges. If you are convicted of a drug offense, you can face a substantial monetary offense in addition to a term of imprisonment.

Moreover, the consequences of a drug offense conviction do not end once you have served out your sentence. Indeed, there are lifelong repercussions of both misdemeanor and felony drug convictions. You may not be approved for loans and other lines of credit, you may not be eligible for certain jobs or promotions, and you may be turned down after turning in a housing rental applications.  In addition, many drug crimes appear on your driving record even when they don’t involve driving.  This results in police wanting to search your vehicle more frequently when stopped even for routine offenses.  If you get caught with drugs at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, what types of charges are you likely to face?

Drug, Alcohol, and Controlled Substance Charges Under the Airports Rules and Regulations

Under Section 6.37 of the Airport Rules and Regulations, it is illegal to possess a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia. Controlled substances are defined by Michigan law (MCL 333.7101 et seq.), and can include many different types of illegal and prescription drugs. While it is not illegal to have a prescription drug in your possession that has been prescribed for you, it is illegal to possess certain prescription drugs for which you do not have a valid prescription.

In addition to controlled substances, the Airport Rules and Regulations also make it illegal to possess any kind of drug paraphernalia, which the law defines broadly as any equipment, product, materials, or combination that is designed in any way to grow, cultivate, produce, manufacture, process, package, store, or use drugs. If you violate the municipal law, you can be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

While it is a violation of the law for a person of any age to possess controlled substances of drug paraphernalia, Section 6.36 of the Airport Rules and Regulations also prohibit alcohol purchases and possession by anyone under the age of 21. An individual who violates Section 6.36 is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Michigan Laws and Drug Crimes

The laws outlined in the Airport Rules and Regulations are not the only ones that prohibit possession of drugs and other controlled substances at Detroit Metro Airport. Under Michigan law, it is unlawful to knowingly or intentionally possess controlled substances at an airport or elsewhere.

A person who violates the law can be found guilty of a drug offense ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony. The level of the offense depends largely on the amount and type of controlled substance in the individual’s possession. For the most egregious felony drug offenses, getting caught at the airport can result in a punishment of up to life imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $1,000,000.

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