Paul J. Tafelski

Paul J. Tafelski

Paul Tafelski has been practicing law in Michigan since 1995. He has a passion for helping good people out of difficult situations.

Paul Tafelski has been a lawyer in Michigan for over 20 years. He understands good people often make mistakes and is passionate about helping his clients through the difficult, dangerous and often confusing legal system. The goal is always the same. Obtain the best possible result for the client and help them put their trouble behind them. The process always begins by listening carefully to the client. From there, we assess the situation and develop a game plan.

Sometimes that plan is to move quickly and resolve the case with a plea bargain. Other times, the best strategy is to challenge everything and prepare for trial. Every case requires different skills which we have developed over many years of practice. No two cases are the same and no two clients are the same. We have the connections, skills and training to get the best results.

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Paul is a graduate of Michigan State University and the Detroit College of Law. He is a member of the Michigan State Bar Association, American Bar Association, Criminal Defense Lawyers of Michigan, Oakland County Bar Association and the Advocates (Polish Bar Association). In addition, he is a past member of the State Bar of Michigan Criminal Law Committee as well as the Oakland County Bar Association Inns of Court which promoted professionalism and congeniality between Judges and lawyers.

He is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in Michigan. He has obtained Not Guilty verdicts in felony and misdemeanor trials and his efforts to attack questionable evidence have resulted in dismissals and excellent plea bargains in many instances. In addition, his skills of persuasion, communication and understanding of human nature have saved many clients from going to jail or prison when their case would have normally ended that way. Many clients would have lost their career or their freedom except for his efforts.

Paul is married and is a “hockey dad” to a teenage player. He enjoys all sports and is a proud former Lions season ticket holder who has learned to look forward to the NFL Draft every year where hope springs eternal.


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