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What is Michigan’s Drivers Responsibility Law?

Basically, it is a tax on bad drivers that Governor Granholm and the legislature created to help fix the states budget deficit. However, since politicians don’t want to be accused of raising taxes they called it a law about responsibility. The fees begin at $100 if a person has 7 or more active points on their record and increase by $50 for every additional point. For 18 points the fee is $650. Once you cross the point threshold you will have to pay the fee for two years. Failure to pay the fee will result in a suspension of your driving privileges. In addition, the following, more serious traffic matters have higher fines. Operating While Intoxicated- $1000 per year for two years, Operating While Impaired- $500 per year for two years, Driving While License Suspended- $500 per year for two years, No Proof of Insurance- $200 per year for two years. Below is a list of eligible offenses and their fines.

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