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Traffic / Speeding Ticket: If I Ask For A Hearing, Can I ‘Admit Responsibility’ After Moving For Discovery If I Don’t Have A Case?

Q. This is for the 52-3 District, which I hear is tough. I received a speeding ticket for 5 mph over. I know  the usual advice is to contest, but money is tight so I can’t afford to throw away court fees  (plus lost wages) if my only defense is to hope for a no show. Because I didn’t know the speed limit, I was still 5 over after adjusting my speed. I also stupidly admitted to driving 15 over (though the officer wrote down 16, which is reckless driving), but I do not know whether evidence exists for that, hence wanting discovery. If I ask the prosecutor for a plea to avoid court, would he likely accept, and would there still be extra fees? If I plead “no contest” at the hearing, is it possible they would up the charge to reflect my admission? If I fight it, what can I possibly argue?

Additional information

I don’t know if this matters, but the ticket says my race is “W”, which I assume is white/Caucasian. Perhaps the system does not have a code for my ethnicity/skin color, but would this discrepancy help me at all?

A. Request a formal hearing and appear at court with the intent to make a deal.  Let them know your circumstances and if you have a good record there is a good chance they will improve the ticket.  Usually, the same fine applies although sometimes the fine is a little higher if you get a very good deal.  No benefit to having the wrong race on the ticket.  Sorry.

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