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If I am convicted of drunk driving (OWI / DUI) in Michigan, will I go to jail?

An OWI / DUI conviction does not automatically lead to jail. In fact, most first-time offenders receive a probationary sentence to go along with fines, substance abuse treatment and community service. Your punishment will depend on whether it’s a repeat offense, your blood alcohol level, and whether any aggravating factors were involved, such as causing the death or serious bodily injury of another person. Also, each individual judge has their own policies and practices when it comes to putting people in jail. Every court and every judge is different. An Oakland County DUI lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of your case and argue for the most lenient sentence possible. Our attorneys handle many DUI cases in every court in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb Counties and are experienced in dealing with the individual circumstances of each court and judge. Contact us today.

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