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I Know That I Have A Few Really Old Warrants, I Was Wondering The Best Way To Take Care Of Them.

Q. I know for sure that I have one warrant from my sons attorney when he was 17 (he is now 30) and another one for harboring a runaway unbeknownst to me 13 years ago (my son had this too but it was dropped when he turned himself in) in Oakland County. My son says I have another one in Lapeer from him not paying his court fees, but I am not entirely sure. I know how bad this sounds, but I am ready to take care of it. I don’t have any money, and I don’t see that changing, I am in the process of getting my water turned off and right behind that I am about to lose my house. I would like to take care of my warrants so that I may be able to get a better job, and any advice you can give me I would truly appreciate.

A. Walking in and surrendering is the best way to handle it in my opinion. If you come in the front door (voluntarily) instead of the back door (picked up) you will usually get a lower bond amount. If you can’t afford an attorney which would be the best help then use the court appointed. Judges don’t look at these things as nothing but it is a terrible thing to worry about looking over your shoulder forever trying to avoid these warrants. Be prepared with some cash for bond or a bondsman and then have your explanation all thought out for what happened and why you waited so long.

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