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How should I choose a lawyer to assist me in my OWI / DUI case?

First, you want a Michigan OWI / DUI lawyer who will listen to you, explain your case to you and answer your questions. Your freedom and your driving privileges are at stake, and you deserve information. Second, you want a lawyer who is knowledgeable of the constitutional and statutory aspects of drunk driving cases. Third, you want a DUI defense attorney who understands the scientific evidence, such as breath and blood test results that will be at issue in your case. Finally, you want a lawyer who knows the local prosecutors, judges, practices and procedures, which will be helpful in securing a dismissal or making sure you receive the lightest punishment possible under the circumstances. It is crucial that your lawyer have a great deal of experience with OWI / DUI cases specifically. Many lawyers don’t know what they don’t know and lead clients down the wrong path.

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