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Can I Stay Out Of Jail? Violation Of Probation 52-3 Judge Nicholson

Q. I got sentenced to 12 days in jail and 18 months’ probation on Jun 18, for DWI that happened 14 years ago. Probation included substance abuse counseling, aa twice a week, random drug/alcohol screens, a marihuana weekend class, traffic safety class, MADD panel, and get my GED. I only had a public defender.

I haven’t completed any of the classes as of yet which need to be completed this month. I have been going to a and counseling.

I started a great new job on July 7th. I’m refinishing manager at Detroit wheel and tire in Troy. This is life changing job change for me and my family so I need to do anything possible to keep it. I’m just so far behind on my mortgage from court fees and missing work,

I meet with my probation officer on July 17 she informed me I had 5 drug tests come back adulterated. We talked and came to the conclusion that I was consuming to much water prior to testing ( I was having trouble urinating in front of the guy) and I would start holding and giving my first urine of the morning that way it was guaranteed to be pure urine . She told me any more adulterated tests she would violate me. Then a week later I get a notice in the mail of a violation there was another adulterated test dated the 16 th the day before our meeting. I spoke with her and 2 tests I’ve taken since then have been good.

I also take Norco for a back issue do every test I take is Lab tested

I didn’t intentionally alter any test. There was no need I haven’t used anything not per scribed and already approved by the judge. I still owe the court 400 in installments 200 end of August then end of September.

A. If you didn’t do anything wrong then don’t plead guilty to the violations. Judge Nicholson is one of the toughest judges in the county but she doesn’t want to lock up innocent people. You need an attorney experienced with her and with these claims of adulteration. There are often circumstantial ways to prove you were clean which is the real issue.

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