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Do Not Take Domestic Violence Charges Lightly – Get Knowledgeable Help Quickly

handcuffs for a criminal defense lawyer royak oakIt is unfortunate that domestic violence is as prevalent in our society as it is: the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that in Michigan about 18.2 percent – nearly two out of every ten – women will experience an incidence of stalking in their lives. In 2009 in Michigan, over 100,000 domestic violence-related crimes were reported to police. The NCADV further claims that only about one percent of domestic violence crimes that occur nationally are reported to law enforcement.

What this means is that when a domestic violence crime is reported against you in West Bloomfield, you can expect that law enforcement officers and prosecutors will pursue your conviction with vigor and determination. Your West Bloomfield domestic violence defense attorney, Paul J. Tafelski, is equipped and prepared to provide you with a dynamic defense to your charges.

Common Myths About Domestic Violence in West Bloomfield

Despite the frequency with which domestic violence occurs, myths about these crimes persist. Some common myths include:

  • I am not living with the alleged victim, so I can’t be charged with domestic violence. In fact, you can be charged with domestic violence if you committed an assault, a battery, or other similar offense against a current or former spouse, someone with whom you used to live, the other parent of your child, or someone you are dating or dated in the past.
  • My case will be dismissed upon the request of the victim. A prosecutor can continue to prosecute your case if the prosecutor believes he or she has sufficient evidence to convict you, even if the victim him- or herself does not want the case to be prosecuted. In other words, while the prosecutor will consider the wishes of the victim, the prosecutor is not bound to follow those desires. Legally speaking, the victim is a witness and not in charge of the case.  The decision to prosecute lies solely with the city attorney or prosecutor.
  • I am a first-time offender, so the prosecution will go easy on me. Even first-time domestic violence offenders can face several hundreds of dollars in fines along with up to three months in jail. In addition, you may be subject to court-ordered supervision lasting up to two years, counseling, and/or other anger management treatment. This can significantly impact your ability to remain gainfully employed and fulfill your familial and professional responsibilities.

Your West Bloomfield Attorney is Ready to Assist You

Domestic violence-related offenses in West Bloomfield are a serious matter, and a conviction can have dramatic effects on your employment, your family, and your future. Do not put these at risk by attempting to resolve your domestic violence case yourself or choosing a family lawyer inexperienced in the unique challenges of domestic violence law. Even if you believe the evidence is overwhelmingly against you or you do not wish to contest your charges, with the assistance of an experienced and skillful legal representation you may be able to minimize the negative consequences that accompany a conviction.  The prosecutor and the court are not your trusted allies.  Do not throw yourself on their mercy.  

During your free initial consultation with Paul J. Tafelski, our legal team will discuss the facts of your specific case, address any questions you may have, and develop a plan for resolving your domestic violence charges as quickly and successfully as possible. Call Michigan Defense Law at (248) 221-1060 or contact the firm using its online contact form.

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