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Drunk driving is a serious offense in Michigan and the penalties are even more severe for repeat offenders. Repeat offenders face revocation of their driving privileges, fines, incarceration, and possible seizure of your vehicle.

If you have two prior convictions of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, operating while visibly impaired, or violation of the Zero Tolerance law and are charged again with an alcohol-related offense, you may face a felony. You may face imprisonment and thousands of dollars in penalties. As a repeat offender, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to advocate aggressively for the best outcome for you.

Michigan Laws Applying to Repeat Offenders

Michigan has special laws that apply to motorists who repeatedly drive drunk or drive on a suspended or revoked license. You may be charged as a drunk driving repeat offender if you have had two or more OWI or alcohol-related convictions in the last seven years or three or more drunk driving convictions ever. You also may be charged as a repeat offender if you have had three or more convictions of driving while your license is suspended or revoked within seven years.

If the police arrest you as a repeat offender, the officer will destroy the metal license plate on the vehicle and a new plate will not be issued until your case is resolved. Michigan also will immobilize the registration on any vehicle you own so that it cannot be sold, traded or transferred.

Repeat offenders may be required to have an interlock ignition device placed on the vehicle when they obtain restoration of their driver’s license. The interlock ignition device will not allow the driver to start the car if it detects alcohol on your breath.

If you are a repeat offender, you are facing serious penalties. But the evidence against you is often not as overwhelming as it may appear at first. A knowledgeable DUI defense lawyer, Paul J. Tafelski is skilled at challenging shaky evidence and often is able to negotiate plea bargains to reduced charges or sentencing agreements that minimize the sentences that repeat offenders face.

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