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An arrest in a criminal case has implications for many aspects of your life. If you’re convicted, you may be sentenced to jail time, fines, and probation. Plus, the matter remains on your permanent record. Even though the burden of proof is upon the state’s attorney, you must still take every opportunity to contest the allegations and work to obtain the best possible result. No matter what charges you’re facing, it’s critical to hire an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

The criminal defense practice group at the law firm of Michigan Defense Law is committed to fighting for your rights, bringing to the table years of experience and extensive expertise. An arrest doesn’t mean you’re guilty, regardless of whether the case involves a misdemeanor or felony. We’re prepared to protect your interests in negotiating a deal with a prosecutor, but we’re ready to take the matter to court if necessary.

Fighting for Your Legal Rights in Criminal Defense Cases in Michigan

Throughout the various stages of a criminal trial, a person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Our lawyers deliver the highest quality representation to clients, offering a customized approach to your defense. Your needs are our priority, so we’re at your service to offer advice or explanations on complicated legal matters.

The criminal defense attorneys at the office of Michigan Defense Law have represented clients in many types of cases, including:

  • Theft Offenses: Regardless of the theft crime, a prosecuting attorney must still prove every element to succeed. When you retain an experienced attorney to identify and expose weaknesses in the case against you, it’s possible to reduce the penalties for such offenses as conversion, and larceny of a building or automobile.
  • OWI/DWI: Some motorists are unfamiliar with their constitutional rights when detained for drunk driving, including the right to remain silent and to decline a roadside breathalyzer test. If there are violations of your civil liberties under the circumstances of your arrest, a lawyer can contest the OWI/DWI charges.
  • Probation Violations: There are severe implications for violation of the terms of your probation, including continued probation and incarceration. You do have options to defend yourself at a probation hearing, but it’s critical to retain an attorney to represent your interests.
  • Our Other Criminal Defense Services: Drug Crimes, Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Expungement, License Restoration, and Aggravated Assault.

Retain a Southfield Criminal Defense Lawyer Right Away

It’s a mistake to attempt to represent yourself when facing criminal charges in Michigan, as you don’t know the law and procedural rules necessary to mount an effective defense. You’re facing jail time, probation, fines, and other penalties if convicted, so work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer has the skills and legal expertise to identify your options and protect your interests, both in court and in discussions with prosecutors. If you have questions about your case or would like to consult with a Southfield attorney, please contact the law firm of Michigan Defense Law or call us at (248) 221-1060.

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