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Royal Oak Domestic Violence Lawyer

Aggressive Representation for Royal Oak Residents Accused of Domestic Violence

criminals getting booked animation for a royal oak criminal law lawyerMuch attention has been paid in recent years to the epidemic of domestic violence in America. As many as one out of every three women and one out of every four men have been the victim of physical abuse, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In Michigan, the Legislature has determined to address domestic violence by criminalizing certain actions (such as assaults and batteries) when they are committed against certain individuals with whom the offender has or has had an intimate relationship. This includes:

  • Past or present spouses;
  • Individuals who are presently dating or have dated in the past;
  • Persons who have a child in common; and/or
  • Individuals who are or who have been residing together.

Royal Oak and surrounding jurisdictions investigate and prosecute domestic violence offenses aggressively. As a result, you will want an equally-aggressive attorney who helps defend your reputation and protect your freedom and defend your innocence. Speak with Michigan Defense Law today.

Defenses Available to Those Charged with Domestic Violence in Royal Oak

It is a mistake to believe that once a domestic violence-related criminal case has been filed that such case can be dismissed at the victim’s request. While a prosecutor may take the victim’s desires and willingness to testify into consideration in deciding how to proceed, a prosecutor may choose to proceed against you if he or she believes the evidence against you is sufficiently strong.

You need an experienced defense attorney who can investigate the other facts and circumstances surrounding your charges and who can thereafter formulate a winning defense strategy for you. You may be able to escape conviction for a domestic violence-related offense if:

  • There was no familial or “household member” relationship between you and the victim;
  • You lacked the requisite mental state or intention to commit a criminal effect; and/or
  • The physical acts you committed were not sufficient to constitute a criminal act.

Michigan Defense Law dedicates itself to thoroughly investigating your case, including the statements of witnesses and law enforcement officers and the tangible photographs and evidence in your case and uncovering all potential avenues of avoiding a conviction and/or mitigating the fines, imprisonment, court-ordered supervision, and/or other sanctions that can accompany a conviction for a domestic violence-related offense.

Contact Michigan Defense Law Today to Discuss your Royal Oak Case

If you have been arrested and/or charged with a domestic violence offense in Royal Oak, be certain that you abide by any terms of your bond or release as violating such terms (by, for example, continuing to have unauthorized contact with the alleged victim) can result in a revocation of your bond and/or additional criminal charges.

Instead of attempting to resolve your matter yourself, speak with Michigan Defense Law in your free initial consultation as soon as possible. Our office will help you achieve the best resolution possible, as quickly as possible. Call (248) 221-1060 or contact us online and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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