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Oakland County Gun Charge Attorneys

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When you have been charged with a firearms offense in Michigan, it is extremely important to have an experienced Michigan gun charge defense lawyer on your side. The consequences of many firearms convictions are steep. Not only can you face significant financial penalties and a term of imprisonment, but having a criminal record can negatively affect your life in the long run. Indeed, if you are convicted of a serious weapons offense, you may lose your ability to obtain credit, to rent a home, and even to obtain certain jobs.

At the Michigan Defense Law, we want to assure you that being charged with a gun crime does not mean that you are a criminal. There are many different ways to build successful defenses in weapons offense cases, and our firm can begin working on your case today.

Types of Gun Charges in Oakland County

There are many different types of gun charges under Michigan law, ranging from concealed weapons offenses to felony firearm crimes. If you were stopped and searched, and a law enforcement official found an illegal weapon in your possession, a Michigan criminal defense attorney can discuss your Fourth Amendment rights with you and various options for building a successful defense in your criminal case.

Our firm regularly handles many different types of gun charge defense cases, including but not limited to the following:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon, or CCW: Michigan law requires individuals who want to carry concealed weapons to apply for a license. Many law-abiding citizens in the state of Michigan lawfully own pistols and other firearms, and they may have even applied for a concealed pistol license. However, concealed weapons offenses happen much more often than you might expect, and Michigan residents can face serious penalties upon conviction.
  • Possession of a dangerous weapon: Michigan law prohibits the possession of certain dangerous weapons in particular places, such as commercial airports or in weapon-free school zones. Dangerous weapons can include many different objects, including guns, knives, iron bars, clubs, or brass knuckles. As you can see, certain items classified as dangerous weapons may not be unlawful to possess in your home or elsewhere—such as a licensed pistol—but possession of a dangerous weapon in certain areas or places can lead to felony charges.
  • Felony firearm possession, or FF: Under Michigan law, a person can be charged with a felony firearm if they are carrying or in possession of a firearm at the time of committing another felony offense (such as robbery or drug possession). Simply having a gun on your person at the time of another felony offense—like selling illegal drugs—can result in a felony firearm charge. This offense is particularly serious because it carries with it a mandatory two-year prison sentence for first-time offenders, and a mandatory five-year prison sentence for second-time offenders. Third-time offenders face a mandatory 10 years in prison.

In addition to the gun charges listed above, there are many other types of gun charges that are firm can help defend against.

Seek Advice from an Oakland County Gun Charge Defense Lawyer

Are you facing charges for a weapons offense? A gun charge defense attorney in Oakland County can speak with you about your case. Contact the Michigan Defense Law today to get started on your defense.

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