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Michigan Sex Crime Lawyers

The most common sex crime charges in Michigan would typically be first degree criminal sexual conduct, second criminal degree sexual conduct, third degree criminal sexual conduct and fourth degree criminal sexual conduct. Commonly referred to as CSC. All of these basically have to do with sexual contact between two people ranging from 4th degree, which is some kind of sexual contact, such as touching intimate parts or clothing with the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification. This could be any kind of grope or grab or some kind of touching for sexual purposes, which then involves some type of force or coercion, or a victim that is incapacitated, or if the person who is allegedly committing the crime is employed by the Department of Corrections where the victim was incarcerated.

This pertains to the 4th degree and goes all the way up to a 1st degree, which is the most serious sexual offense that involves sexual penetration of some sort and also some type of special victim, who is young or was forced to do it or an assault that occurred during the commission of another felony. First degree sexual conduct could also include a weapon or an injury. This is the worst type of rape that somebody can be accused of. The 2nd and 3rd degree charges are in between those two.

How Are Sex Crimes Determined To Be Either Misdemeanors Or Felonies In Michigan?

Typically, sex crimes are felonies or high misdemeanors, which are punishable by up to two years in jail. There are a number of crimes besides the 4th to 1st degree sexual conduct charges, a number of which are within the realm of sex crimes, such as child pornography, aggravated indecent exposure, kidnapping or gross indecency.

One of the things that people are surprised about is that soliciting or inviting an individual to commit prostitution or immoral acts, if the victim is less than 18 years of age, can end up getting somebody on the sex offender registry. Sometimes what people don’t realize is that trying to solicit a prostitute that is under the age of 18 is something that could really become a much more serious matter.

Is There A Typical Demographic For A Sex Offender In Michigan?

Some of these stereotypes may actually fit the bill when you see some of the people that are accused of sexual misconduct. However, there are many situations where the person accused is just a normal everyday business person or a college student. A lot of these situations come up that commonly involve what is called date rape, or there are people who have both been engaged in situations where they have had way too much to drink, and then the next day, somebody accuses the other of taking advantage of them. It can really be any kind of situation.

Another thing that is relatively unknown or not fully recognized is that a lot of these sexual assault crimes are under-reported, but at the same time they are also probably one of the most falsely reported crimes because there are situations where, for one reason or another, people are trying to blame somebody else or make an excuse for themselves as to why they did what they did. For example, you could have a situation where a girl was dating somebody. She got drunk and had a one night stand with another guy, and her boyfriend found out about it. In order to try to get out of it with the boyfriend, she says that the other guy forced himself on her.

Then this turns into a police matter, and the other person is arrested and charged with a very serious crime. The person who made the accusation has to stick with her story because now she has made a false police report, which is a felony. So it becomes very complicated. Certainly, that doesn’t happen in all cases, but that sort of thing, as well as other crazy scenarios, can sometimes occur and end up with a criminal case based on the alleged victim really being more concerned about themselves, their image or their relationship, which can cause tremendous problems for people who really didn’t commit a crime.

It’s a very complicated area of the law because obviously nobody approves of sexual assault, and nobody thinks that it shouldn’t be prosecuted. However, if you are wrongly accused of a sex crime, there is really no worse place to be in the criminal justice system because there are all sorts of biases and prejudices against you, and people you know or have known for a long time will immediately turn against you, question you and wonder if you are telling the truth. Probably the worst thing that you can be falsely accused of is raping or sexually assaulting somebody.

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