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Some people are surprised at the number of collateral problems that exist when they get a DUI, whereas other people think it would be the end of the world for them.

Some people tend to be younger or they might be people who had never been in trouble before, so they often get surprised with the repercussions that a DUI conviction would have on things such as insurance, the legal system and job opportunities etc which would apply to everybody.

Financial Repercussions Of A DUI Conviction On Your Record

Someone who had been convicted of a DUI in Michigan would have to pay a driver responsibility fees, which could range from $1,000 a year for 2 years.

They would have to pay court costs and there would be fines, they would have to pay reimbursements to the police department for the costs of arrest and they would have probation oversight fees, which could run to $40 a month for as long as the person was on probation.

There would be fees related to testing if the person had to do breath or drug testing, and there would be fees for any classes or counseling the person may have to take. Of course, there would also be an increase in the person’s insurance rate for a few years if their insurance company found out about the charges.

These are just some of the costs that would be associated with a DWI in Michigan, and they can really add up to a lot.

A DUI Might Affect Your Ability To Travel To Canada

People would technically not have a problem leaving the United States because of the DUI, although they might have a problem getting into Canada.

Over the years, a lot of my clients have traveled to Canada after getting a DUI conviction but they did not run into any problems, whereas on other occasions people have been stopped at the border and denied entry. The denial of entry would typically last for at least 5 years before they were allowed to come back in.

People with convictions could do certain things in case they needed to travel for work purposes, and they might be able to hire an attorney in Canada to try and help them get permission to enter.

This is a big potential problem for some people especially in the Detroit area because so many people are involved with the automobile industry and there are so many plants and auto suppliers located in Ontario.

People do frequently have to travel to Canada and it could be a real problem if they ended up with the conviction and if it came up when they were entering Canada.

Certain Security Clearances Might Be Affected By A DUI Conviction

This would be hard to say for sure because some national security clearance issues have recently become more consolidated than they used to be with multiple levels.

A lone misdemeanor conviction would not typically prevent someone from having a security clearance, however a DUI could definitely cause the person to be looked at closer to determine whether they had a problem with alcohol that could relate or extend to some kind of security concern if they were given a high level of security clearance.

This might even result in the person being denied a job opportunity if the job they were applying for that required the security clearance, involved some kind of use of vehicles.

There would always be repercussions and the other important thing that could come into play is if the person previously had something on their criminal history that by itself might not have excluded them, but then the new DUI conviction added to the situation and added to their background, so those things combined and resulted in the denial of the security clearance.

This could be a tricky situation and it would be something that would have to be analyzed on a case by case basis.

Certain Professions Might Be Affected By A DUI Or An OWI Conviction

A DUI or OWI would matter in a lot of professions, so the person would typically want to start by seeing whether they needed to be licensed by the state of Michigan. If they had to be licensed, then it would be a matter of them looking into their own licensing requirements to see what type of recording requirements existed.

For example, with school teachers, we would typically not have to make a report to the state of Michigan following the arrest or conviction of a first offense DUI, although they may still be subject to certain requirements under their own collective bargaining agreement that might require them to take action in a different way.

This is one of the things we would have to deal with anytime the client was someone who was licensed by the state of Michigan, whether it was a teacher, a nurse or a doctor, stock broker or anything where there were licenses involved, so we would need to make sure we looked into the requirements of that particular person.

The important part would be the places and situations where reporting would be required. It would usually be necessary for someone to make a report of their arrests within a certain period of time, which would usually not be a long time.

People can sometimes get in more trouble for failing to report the arrest or the conviction in a timely manner than they would for what actually happened. In other words, some places take the self-policing mechanism of their licensing very seriously and if the person did not follow the rules, they would get in more trouble for not following the rules.

The other aspect is if someone had prior convictions, then things with licensing issues would become much more serious.

For example, lawyers would need to report their case to the state bar association even while the case was pending and the lawyers who represented them and the judges and the prosecutor would all have an affirmative duty to report these things to the state bar association when any case involved that lawyer.

The requirements would vary depending upon the organization the person was involved with, but each time something happened, the requirements would usually get a little more serious and it would obviously be necessary to follow them. This would be an important thing to keep in mind for someone who had any kind of license.

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