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Driver’s License Reinstatement Birmingham

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Helping Clients with Driver’s License Reinstatement

There are numerous situations in which a Michigan driver can lose his or her license. At the Michigan Defense Law, we know that having a driver’s license often is a necessity for Birmingham residents. To be sure, if you do not have a driver’s license, you may not be able to get to work, and you may not be able to earn an income to support your family. Under Michigan law, there are some criminal convictions that result in a mandatory suspension or revocation of a driver’s license.

If you have been convicted of an offense and need assistance having your driver’s license reinstated, an aggressive Birmingham driver’s license reinstatement attorney can assist with your case.

Birmingham, MI Driver’s License Suspension and Revocation

What is the difference between a driver’s license suspension and a revocation?

Under MCL 257.52, revocation is “the most serious action” that can be taken, and it is defined as “the termination of the operator’s license and privilege to operate a motor vehicle.” An individual whose license has been revoked is only permitted to reapply for license restoration after an entire year has passed after the first revocation. If a license is revoked more than once, then a person is only eligible to apply for a reinstatement after five years (for a second revocation) and within seven years of the prior revocation.

A suspension is less serious. The suspension is for a specific period of time, from “X” date through “X” date. Once the second date arrives through which the license is suspended, the driver typically only has to show up and pay the reinstatement fee.

Reasons a Driver’s License Can Be Suspended or Revoked in Birmingham, Michigan

What are some of the most common reasons that a driver’s license can be suspended or revoked? Typically, driver’s licenses are suspended or revoked due to “High BAC Offenses” and subsequent convictions. For example, a first-time offense of having a BAC of .17 or higher results in a one-year driver’s license suspension. Subsequent offenses may result on a suspension.

Other serious DUI-related offenses also can result in a driver’s license suspension or revocation.

Getting Your License Reinstated through a Hearing

When your license has been suspended or revoked, you can request a hearing before the Driver Assessment & Appeal Division (DAAD). You will need to request a hearing or administrative review with the assistance of your Michigan criminal defense lawyer as long as you are eligible.

As part of the hearing or administrative review, you will need to provide information that your lawyer can help you to prepare. If the hearing is successful, your license will be reinstated.

Contact a Birmingham Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyer

Having your driver’s license suspended can be extremely difficult, especially when you rely on your car to drive to work or to take your children to school. An experienced Birmingham driver’s license reinstatement lawyer can assist with your situation. Contact the Michigan Defense Law to learn more about the services we provide to clients in Michigan.

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