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Domestic Violence Lawyer Near Me

Domestic violence cases are very fact sensitive, so you want to make sure that your attorney is experienced in this area of the law. They are interested in this area of the law, they really do want to hear what happened and what your side of the story is because if they don’t want to hear about that when you’re interviewing them to hire them, then you have to question how hard are they going to work at developing every little piece of evidence that can help you win the case.

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Often if these cases do go to trial, it’s the development of all those little pieces of evidence that all taken together add up to a not guilty verdict that individually may not mean much but when all of a sudden, instead of one little piece of evidence, you have 20 pieces of evidence, now that’s enough for the jury to go, “We can’t say for sure that this guy is guilty and we’re going to find them not guilty.” You’re looking for people that you can connect with, people who have experience and people who are interested in your case.

What is the Most Difficult Aspect of a Domestic Violence Case for an Attorney to Deal With?

In a domestic violence case, the most difficult thing is you often have a client who is insisting that they are completely innocent and wrongfully accused of the crime. You have a lot of responsibility to try and make sure that you protect them as much as possible and that you do a good job and are prepared to get them out of that situation. When you are a criminal defense lawyer and you have clients that are insisting they are wrongfully accused of a situation and you believe them, then it puts a lot of pressure on you to try to deliver a good result for them.

What Could be The Potential Consequences of Failing to Hire An Attorney?

It’s not just about hiring a private attorney, it’s whether they hire the right attorney. The difference between that can be the difference between guilt or innocence. There is no question about it.

Even if you are guilty and you think, “Well, I’m guilty, I’m going to admit it, I want to take responsibility,” even then the difference in the outcome can be tremendous if you and your attorney have put you forth in the best possible light and touched on the right things that your judge cares about and explained to the judges’ satisfaction why you’re not a danger and why you can be trusted to get back to normal life. If you have the right attorney, you definitely will come out of things a lot better than if you have someone who either doesn’t know what they are doing or isn’t that interested in your case.

Can You Share Some Case Studies Of Domestic Violence Cases?

We had a recent case where the client was, believe it or not, charged with domestic violence and accused of throwing scrambled eggs at the other party. The prosecutor actually prosecuted that case and the facts of the case were much different depending on who you talked to. Our client who was accused insisted that the complaining witness was really the aggressor and had been the one who had been physically violent, if you will, and that person ended up wanting not to testify, we believe, because of those misstatements to the police.

Ultimately, they ended up with their own lawyer and asserting to the prosecutor that they would not testify, that they would assert their Fifth Amendment rights. As a result of that, the prosecutor knew that their case was weak to begin with and then without the witness cooperating, they would not be able to proceed and we were able to get that case dismissed prior to trial. Those are very unusual circumstances but these cases, they do give rise to very unusual circumstances and very unusual factual situations.

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