Bloomfield Hills, Michigan: A Comprehensive Exploration

Located in Metro Detroit’s northern suburbs, Bloomfield Hills is a city known for its affluent residential properties, reputable schools, and historic landmarks. This article presents a deep dive into the city’s history, neighborhoods, attractions, and some key statistical data.

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History of Bloomfield Hills

The Bloomfield Hills area was initially settled by European settlers in the early 19th century. The rich lands proved attractive to these settlers, who established farms and orchards on the land. It was incorporated as a city in 1932, and since then, it has maintained a reputation as a residential haven for many of Detroit’s wealthy citizens.

Neighborhoods in Bloomfield Hills

Due to its nature as an upscale residential community, Bloomfield Hills does not have clearly defined neighborhoods as some larger cities do. It is primarily composed of spacious, private residential properties, many of which are architecturally significant. Many of these homes are tucked away on winding, tree-lined streets, providing privacy and tranquility for their residents.

Notable Attractions

  • Cranbrook Educational Community: This National Historic Landmark houses a graduate Academy of Art, contemporary art museum, House and Gardens, Institute of Science, and more, all within its 319-acre campus. 

Statistical Data

As per the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2020, Bloomfield Hills had a population of about 4,000. Despite its small size, the city is one of the wealthiest in the United States. It has a high educational attainment rate, with over 80% of the adult population (25 years and older) holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income in the city far exceeds the national average, standing at over $160,000.

In terms of housing, the majority of homes in Bloomfield Hills are owner-occupied, and the median home value is significantly higher than the national average. Reflecting the city’s affluent character, most homes are valued at over $1 million.


Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is a city with a rich history, unique attractions, and a high standard of living. It offers a tranquil, luxurious lifestyle, while still being close to the vibrant cultural and economic activities in Detroit. Despite its modest size, the impact and allure of this city are undeniable.

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