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License Restoration Attorney in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Drivers License Restoration After Michigan OWI/DUI Conviction

License Restoration Attorney in Bloomfield Hills - Michigan Defense LawIf you have had your Michigan driver’s license revoked as a result of two or more drunk driving convictions, you are eligible to apply for license restoration after one year following the first revocation or after five years if you have had multiple revocations. But restoration of your driving privileges isn’t automatic. You’ll need the guidance of an effective DUI license restoration attorney who can make a persuasive case that you will be a sober, safe driver based on testimony and evidence.

After two or more drunk driving convictions in Michigan, obtaining driving privileges is complicated. You need an experienced advocate to make a persuasive case that you should have your driving privileges restored.

Steps to Obtain Driver’s License After Repeat Drunk Driving Convictions

Drivers who have been convicted twice within seven years or three times within 10 years of operating a motor vehicle while impaired or intoxicated are considered habitual offenders under Michigan law. Typically, your driver’s license is revoked after two convictions. Under a recent change in Michigan law, some twice-convicted DUI drivers are eligible to maintain a partial license with restricted driving privileges by participating in an approved sobriety court.

If your license was revoked, the law does provide a license restoration process after the minimum period of license revocation. You may apply for a hearing before Driver’s License Appeal to have your driver’s license restored, but the state doesn’t automatically restore driving privileges. To have your driving privileges restored in Michigan, you’ll have to demonstrate that you’ll be a safe driver in the future.

You have the burden of proof to show that you have abstained from all alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs and must show that your alcohol or drug dependence issues are under control. In other words, you’ll have to prove that you are sober and likely to remain sober. You must provide notarized letters of support testifying to your sobriety and completion of treatment. A substance abuse evaluation must be completed before the hearing is scheduled. Alcoholics Anonymous is the preferred method of treatment, though other types of counseling are acceptable. An experienced Michigan DUI/OWI defense attorney can help you gather the evidence to present your strongest case for restoration of your license.

If you lose at the hearing, you are ineligible to apply for another hearing for one year, so don’t try to go through the hearing process without skilled legal guidance. If you are successful in obtaining a driver’s license, you will have a restricted license for one year with an ignition interlock device installed in your car unless you have moved to another state that doesn’t require the device. The interlock ignition device will not allow you to start the car if it detects alcohol on your breath.

It’s important to have a knowledgeable DUI hearing attorney guide you when applying for a hearing to have your driver’s license reinstated. Experienced legal help does make a difference.

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