Last updated on June 28, 2016

Will an OWI Charge become Public Knowledge?

Interviewer: How public is the case going to be?  Will work and friends and family find out?

Attorney Tafelski: It’s all public record, but most people don’t ever check the public records.  In some of the smaller towns, like outside of the metropolitan Detroit area, I’ve heard of local papers publishing the names of everyone that’s been arrested, but I have not really seen that in the main Detroit area.

It Is Likely to Receive an Advertisement from an Attorney after an OWI Arrest

What does happen frequently, though, and people need to be aware of, is that lawyers will find out who’s been arrested and send advertisements to their homes trying to get them to hire them for the case.  There’s a good chance that if the person has been arrested, as they’re checking their mail, somebody else is going to notice that there are all of a sudden letters from lawyers showing up in the mail.

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