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What Will A Good Attorney Ask During An Initial Consultation In Regards To A DUI Incident?

They would want to know the breath test result, why the person was pulled over, what happened with the field sobriety tests, if there was anything that seemed unusual, how the officer treated them, if the field sobriety tests was performed in front of the officer’s vehicle where his in-car camera would have picked up those tests, how the breath test went at the station, if it seemed like there was anything out of the ordinary there, if it seemed like there were any problems with the breath test machine functioning properly, how long they waited in between being asked to take the breath test and giving the breath test, if the person was on any medications, if they were sick, if they had any heartburn or if there was any history of heartburn, certain medical questions that might be relevant to test results, if the person had any breathing problems, how much they actually had to drink, if there were any witnesses to anything that happened, what time the person had started drinking and what time they stopped drinking. There is a whole list of small individual factors that can all make a difference in cases one way or another.

Should I Be Reading Testimonials And Asking About Other Case Studies Or Stories?

Testimonials are informative to a certain extent, however, a lot of attorneys out there have figured out ways to just create testimonials so they have become a little less valuable than they were initially. Some people have 50 testimonials but it’s easy to tell they were all written in the same exact style so they have someone who just creates fake email addresses and writes testimonials. It’s worth looking at a little bit, to see the quality of the content on their websites but then a person should talk to them because there is no substitute for human interaction.

What Is The Biggest Mistake People Make When Hiring An Attorney?

The biggest mistake anyone makes is simply taking the opinion of somebody else instead of doing their own investigation and not checking the person out themselves and seeing how they feel about things.

Is There A Chance That Just Because An Attorney Did A Good Job With Someone Else, That He Might Not Do A Good Job This Time?

It’s possible, because a lot of people will claim that they handle drunk driving cases and they do, but they don’t handle them in the sense of really digging deep into the cases to try to figure out some way to prove the results or consider what is going on with the client’s life to make sure that the results keep them on track. They just show up to court and help the client plead guilty and stand there at sentencing and really don’t do that much.

It is a matter of finding somebody with the experience and the knowledge to really analyze the case carefully. It’s like saying, “Well, my general practitioner doctor is a good doctor, so I’m going to let him handle my brain tumor”. A person would be better off finding somebody who has handled many brain tumors to make sure they have a higher chance of things going well. The family doctor may be a great family doctor and he may be smart but that will not be the same if he has never checked into a person’s skull before as compared to somebody who does that routinely.

Would A Person Need To Hire An Aggressive Attorney For A DUI Case?

A person wouldn’t need to hire an aggressive lawyer. There are times to be aggressive and there are times to use other skills because sometimes the evidence is simply against the person and the prosecutors and the judges are not afraid of somebody being aggressive. They are all going to be there every day no matter what, so it is fine to be aggressive when the facts and circumstances are on your side but when they are against you and you still need to obtain a good result, then you have to figure out how to work within the rules and the system of that particular courthouse to still get the desired result and in those circumstances, overly aggressive behavior can backfire.

Do A Lot Of People Think They Should Always Aiming For DUI Specialists Or Lawyers Who Only Focus On DUI?

Well, certainly if somebody only does DUI, then a person would assume that they know DUI law and there is probably some benefit to the experience and the knowledge. However, the attorney has to do only DUI law to be an expert in DUI law.

If a person has handled more than 100 cases and makes a point of staying updated on the latest information, the science and know how to identify issues through watching videotapes and things like that, then the attorney would be capable of applying those technical skills along with the other human skills that go into representing a client in a difficult situation and can provide expert representation. It’s mostly a marketing gimmick, so experience is very important but there are a lot of people who are very experienced DUI lawyers but who do not handle DUI law exclusively.

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