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What Is A Low Cost For A DUI Attorney And Would They Even Be Worth Hiring?

There is some truth to the saying, “you get what you pay for”, but at the same time people searching for a DUI attorney have to look for someone who feels like the best fit for them and who has the right credentials and then worry about the price after that because where there are people trying to just be the lowest priced attorneys and who have no real intentions of providing the same amount of time or level of service as other lawyers, there are also those who try to charge absolute top dollar when they cannot guarantee results. They cannot make their fees contingent upon results and in a lot of situations a person could find better value for the same level of representation.

People have to be aware of not paying too little and not paying too much, and they need to not make the price their determining factor. They should shop around and look at those other qualities in the attorney before making up their mind.

Would It Save Me Money In The Long Run If I Hired An Attorney Who Was Neither Cheap Nor Expensive Vs Someone Who Was Low Cost?

Yes, absolutely. There are a lot of intangible factors that come into play in these cases. If the case was won and dismissed, then the only money the person would spend would be attorney fees but they would be glad they did, because now they do not have jail, license penalties, increased insurance, probation, drug and alcohol testing and they do not have AA meetings. They would not have any of the things that people end up with if they are convicted or plead guilty.

On the other hand, even if someone was convicted or pleaded guilty to this case, there would be value if they ended up with one year of probation instead of two years of probation, if they had breath testing once a week instead of three times a week or if they had to go to one AA meeting a week instead of two, so there are a lot of things the attorney could do to influence the outcome in a favorable way which do not even have a direct monetary value, and are things that are hard to put a price on because a person would be retaining more of their normal life. They would be getting out of the system quicker or would not have to have the government looking over their shoulder quite as much. There are numerous ways the attorney can make the case better or worse depending on their skill level.

I’m Still On The Fence About Hiring A Quality Attorney Over A Low Cost Attorney, Anything Else That You Would Recommend For Me?

With regards to the business of law, even though people hear the fees and think that one lawyer is cheaper, whereas another one is expensive, there is a reason why a lot of prices evolved into what they are. Some of the rates of the lowest priced attorneys indicate that they simply will not have enough time to devote to that case to make a difference in the outcome or enough to know for sure that if there was any way to get out of the case that it would be found and discovered by that attorney.

There isn’t always a way to get out of a case but some of the best outcomes obtained have been from situations where there was no way that the cheapest price attorney would have ever found a certain angle or defense and the client would have ended up convicted, even in the case of second or third offenses. People would have gone to jail and lost their driving privileges for long periods of time except for the fact that the lawyer knew what he was doing and spent time looking at the evidence. Most of the people who are at the bottom of the price scale aren’t planning to offer the same level of service because they just cannot do it.

Should A Person Go With The Lowest Price Or Should They Look At Other Factors To Help Make A Decision Among Similarly Priced Attorneys?

Other factors such as how comfortable a person is when talking with that attorney, how much sense he makes to the client when he explains the process or what options might be available and whether it feels like they are overselling the chances of getting out of the case, should be considered. The client feeling like he is being sold at all instead of just being consulted and the experience of the lawyer, the organizations he is involved with and the experience in the court where the case is are all important factors.

If someone has a few attorneys who are in the same price range and they feel comfortable with all of them, then they should probably go with the person they feel the most comfortable with and who is personally going to handle the case.

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