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What Are Important Things That People Should Know About The Hearing?

The most important thing to know going into a DLAD hearing is that the burden of proof is on the petitioner, the person requesting his or her license be reinstated. What needs to be proven is that the person is sober and is likely to remain sober. There are things that come up where someone needs to be thinking right from the beginning how they are going to prove that they have done what the Secretary of State wanted done.

Their preferred method is for people to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, to follow the steps, to get a sponsor and work the program and ultimately get signup sheets to prove attendance. AA is free and there are meetings everywhere so there really is no excuse for anybody to not be able to do it. However, although that is the preferred program it is not required, or mandatory. If that is not the individual’s preferred way of doing things that is fine. However, he or she will have to find something else to demonstrate to the Secretary of State that they are serious about being sober, that they have a support system in place, and that they have a plan to deal with relapse prevention and relapse control.

How Can An Attorney Help In The Hearing And Application Process?

The rules and regulations for the hearing are available from the Secretary of State for anyone to read. It’s certainly helpful information. However, the benefit one gets from having an attorney like Paul Tafelski, someone who has experience and understands the nuances and processes of the system, is that there is no learning by  and error. Mistakes can be avoided such as submitting a substance abuse evaluation that wasn’t properly written. For example, if Attorney Tafelski reads your substance abuse evaluation he may realize that the assessor left off an old conviction for a minor in possession of alcohol. That could be the very reason the Secretary of State might deny a petition because they will say the assessor did not make their opinion based upon complete information.

Attorney Paul Tafelski is good at catching all of those things that can end up being a landmine that someone will step on and blow themselves up. He provides his clients with that guidance. He gives them the advice, then helps his clients prepare for the hearing. He will explain exactly what is going to be coming and what is going to be asked of the individual. At the hearing, he will manage the presentation of the evidence and make the argument to the hearing officers as to why you deserve a driver’s license. It is somewhat like having a personal coach throughout the whole process that has been there and done that and knows exactly what to expect. It’s a no brainer. If someone goes in to this hearing alone, they are taking a big chance.

Does Someone Have To Pay Application Fee Each Time That They Apply For A Hearing?

When comes to the fees involved in there is the first alcohol evaluation which is usually few hundred dollars as well as a drug test, which is usually less than $50. Other than that, there is no filing fee to request the hearing. Therefore the total costs involved are the attorney fee, the alcohol assessor’s fee and the drug test.

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