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Interviewer: I will ask the same question about license restorations. Are there any particular cases you would want to share in regards to helping someone get their license restored?

Paul Tafelski: I’ve had many cases over the years with clients who have been without driver’s license privileges for several years. Many of these people have been through a lot in their life, trying to get sober, trying to get clean, and trying to get financially back on their feet after years of difficulties and problems in the legal system. They really had given up hope quite often that they would ever have a normal life.

Many Individuals Have Difficulty Overcoming the Many Legal Obstacles in Order to Have Their License Restored

Interviewer: Can you actually leave town while you’re on probation?

The Court Must Know and Approve of Any Travel Plans

Paul Tafelski: The banner condition of probation is that you’re not to leave the state of Michigan without the court’s permission. And sometimes we can arrange that kind of permission right at the time of sentencing; for example, by letting the court know that the client has to travel for work and get the judge’s blanket permission for them to travel.

Can People Recover from a Domestic Violence Charge? Ask Our Bloomfield Hills Domestic Violence Lawyers.

Most of the time, most of the time people will recover and move on with their lives. Life goes on, no matter what, so you are going to move on with your life one way or another. Most of the time for people who are stuck in the court system, especially people who are not used to being in trouble, it’s the anxiety and the stress that goes along with the unknown and the fear of what might happen and how things might turn out for the worst, and that’s even worse than when the case is over, even if they are on probation.

Usually, once the case comes to a conclusion, even if it results in someone being on a probation, they just get a list of tasks that they have to complete and they can focus on that and get on with their life, so it is a very serious and difficult situation to go through but it does not need to be the end of the road for anyone.

The majority of times in a domestic violence, one or both of the parties have been drinking alcohol. It’s rare to see drugs as the cause of anger. In fact, drugs are less often involved in domestic violence cases than just two sober people who get into an argument, but alcohol is very frequently involved. Sometimes it makes the case worse, and sometimes it doesn’t because we are able to convince the court that there is not an alcohol problem there, but for a particular situation combined with the use of alcohol, this never would occur.

Alcohol can make the situation worse if the person has a history of problems with alcohol and a history of criminal cases involving alcohol; those issues start to raise concerns in the court. It’s an issue that has to be dealt with but mostly alcohol is involved.

Could Police Officers Question My Child Without My Consent in a Domestic Violence Case?

Know that it’s very easy for a judge who is handling 50 cases per day to give you 90 days in jail instead of 30 days in jail.They won’t necessarily think twice about it, and they’re numb to the whole situation.They do it every day.

Often, a good attorney can present the client in the best possible light. He can know that judge and know what to say and present to the judge. He can know how to coach the client to appear as good as possible to the specific judge to receive a potential of less jail time.

If people don’t know how to prepare or communicate effectively with the judge, they’re leaving themselves to the mercy of the court.Thusly, attorneys can make a big difference in how much jail time you receive.

Technically, the court rules of Michigan require all fines and costs to be paid at the time of sentencing. Some judges are stricter about this than others. Usually, the ones who are the strictest will tell you at a prior court date the amount of money you must bring.

However, courts recognize that many defendants before them cannot afford to pay everything at once. They will usually work with you. They want to see some effort and some good faith payment to start with. Often, they will make a payment plan with you.

If I Am Unable to Pay the Fine According to The Payment Plan, What Will Happen?

When you are charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI) in Michigan, there is a good chance you will be put on probation as part of your OWI sentencing. Typically, one requirement of OWI probation is that you abstain from consuming alcoholic beverages.

Michigan employs a number of techniques to determine if you have been drinking in violation of your probation. One method is random breath tests. Unfortunately, breath tests are not always reliable and you may face a probation revocation hearing on the basis of faulty results from a breath test. If you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative you consult with an experienced Michigan DUI defense attorney as soon as possible to get legal help.

About Breath Tests and Michigan DUI Probation

Interviewer: Today we’re going to be talking about DUI.  First of all, every state seems to call it something different.  What do they call this offense in Michigan?

Attorney Tafelski: In Michigan, commonly people will sometimes use the word DUI or DWI, but technically it is OWI, which stands for Operating While Intoxicated; or OWVI, which stands for Operating While Visibly Impaired.

Interviewer: In all the years you’ve been practicing, how many OWI cases do you think you’ve handled?

Most people are generally surprised at the complexity of the Driver’s License Appeal Division hearing. There are a lot of people that contact Attorney Paul Tafelski after they have already gone to the hearing by themselves. They just grabbed whatever paperwork they could find to get a hearing and went in without a well thought out plan. Most people who try to handle this on their own, show up to the hearing assuming they are just there to get their license back. In reality, there is a burden of proof and it is up to that person to present the evidence and convince the hearing officers that they do deserve their license back.

A lot people will then wait another year and then will call an attorney to get help in going through the course of everything again. This is a daunting process for somebody who has never dealt with the court system before. For Attorney Tafelski who has handled hundreds of these cases, he understands it. He knows what is important and what is not. Once he finds out who the hearing officer is, what their personal tendencies are and so forth, he knows what to look for.

There is a lot that goes into this hearing but it should not stop someone who has been sober from trying to get their license restored. They just need an experienced attorney to guide them through the process.

Interviewer: When they refer to theft of lost property, lost property, what do they mean first of all by that just to analyze the words because some of it doesn’t make sense to me?

Paul Tafelski: That gets a lot more tricky but, for example, it might be a situation where somebody lost their wallet and it has all their identification in it. It’s easy for whoever picks it up to see whose wallet it is, who it belongs to and everything else.  Then, if you took all the money or used the credit card, you still would be stealing even though you may have found it on the ground. On the other hand, if something is truly lost like if a gold coin is just sitting on the ground and you find it and it doesn’t have any identifying marks as to who the owner is or anything that’s not going to be considered a theft crime. You happened to have found the lost property and there’s no crime in taking that.  So, it all depends on the factual circumstances.

It is Important to Avoid Purchasing Suspicious Items at Flea Markets or Pawn Shops

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