Last updated on November 2, 2021

Long-term Consequences of Pleading Guilty and Throwing Your Case at the Mercy of the Court

Interviewer: Yes, that’s unfortunate, a lot of people are told “It’ll be expunged” and ends up they have something on the record that is easily traceable. A lot of times they’re looking to get into trade schools or healthcare programs, they’re looking to study to become maybe a nurse, and completely get screwed because they wouldn’t be eligible for expungement.

Paul Tafelski: I know and that happens to a lot of people. This gets back to what you talked about before about people who feel bad and just want to throw themselves on the mercy of the court. These are the kinds of ramifications they don’t even think about then yet, are becoming more and more of a problem.

They just want to get it over, right. Especially if they think they’re just going to get a fine then in their minds they think the case is over well guess what, it’s not. It’s on your record forever.

We can try to get it off your record but we don’t know for sure that we can get it off your record or keep it off your record but it’s worth your while to try and figure it out and see what can be done. Don’t just rush to the end point. You’ve got to be thinking about years ahead, you can’t just be thinking about next week.

Application of Look Periods to DUI Charges

Interviewer:  Is there a look back period where a second offense is considered to be a first offense again?

Paul Tafelski: That applies in drunk driving cases so in drunk driving cases a second offense within seven years of the first one is considered a second offense. A third offense any time in your life time is a felony. That’s probably the best example of where the look period applies.

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