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How Public Is The Knowledge Of A Sex Crime Case In Michigan?

Sex crimes committed in Michigan are all public record and can be found, but whether or not it appears in a local newspaper really depends upon the particular town, the police department and its newsworthiness, especially if the defendant is somebody well known in the community. But in many cases it just goes through the system and doesn’t get any public attention. Clearly, the more serious the charge, the more likely it is that word will get out about it

How Would You Advise Clients That Are Worried About Hiring An Attorney As It Makes Them Look Guilty?

There is no reason to fear hiring an attorney, as an admission of guilt, because the attorneys who practice these types of cases completely understand the importance of somebody contacting them. It’s just as important if you are innocent as if you are guilty. Sometimes, people call up and argue that they know they are guilty. Maybe they already know that there is evidence that will show up, but still there are some very wide ranging things that can occur that can affect the outcome of these cases, and attorneys want to work with them from the very beginning to minimize problems for them. It’s possibly even more important for somebody who is not guilty to contact an attorney early on because these cases can quickly go in a bad direction if the accused is caught off guard.

It’s never wise to sit there putting complete faith and trust in the system because what you don’t know is what kinds of statements were made against you. Even if they are totally false, they may be convincing, compelling and believable to somebody who is listening. It’s very important that you defend yourself. The police know this too. Just because somebody comes to them with an attorney does not mean that the person is guilty. On the contrary, they know that only smart people call attorneys.

What Are The Common Mistakes Detrimental To A Sex Crimes Case?

The biggest mistake, after being accused of a sex crime, is not engaging counsel that is experienced in this type of work as early as possible because every case is different. Whether you might be able to help yourself through polygraph examinations or whether a polygraph examination would be the worst thing for you to do is just one of the important decisions to be made. Whether or not you are going to cooperate and submit to an interview or submit a statement, these are very important decisions to be made, and they shouldn’t be made alone. There is way too much at stake for someone who has never been in this kind of situation to go up against the entire system and just cross their fingers and hope that everybody they deal with is smart, competent, honest and fair.

How Do You Console Clients Who Have Lost All Hope In A Sex Crime Case?

It’s not uncommon for us to talk with people who have been contemplating suicide or feel like their life is over. We try to be honest with the client and straightforward with them, but at the same time, we let them know that the case is just starting, lots of things can happen, and the outcome is far from certain. You have to change your mindset. Instead of feeling defeated and depressed, you just have to take one day at a time and deal with it as you can.

This may sound simplistic and cliché, but it’s really the only approach any time you are in the criminal system, not just facing criminal sexual conduct charges. Most clients are a bit distraught when they first start their case because it all seems so overwhelming and the worst case scenario is always so bad, but people tend to come around after a while and realize the fact that they have to deal with it; and when they start to deal with it, then the case works itself out.

Are Sex Crime Cases Involving Drugs Or Alcohol Handled Differently?

The difference in those cases is sometimes people just don’t remember things very well, whether it’s the victim, the accuser or both. For example, there may be evidence that somebody did engage in sexual intercourse; there may be some DNA evidence to prove that it happened. One person says they never consented, and the other person says they don’t remember anything.

It’s difficult for everybody: the prosecutor, the police and the defense lawyers. It’s difficult for everybody to try and figure it out. Sometimes those pieces of evidence or those missing memories can work to your advantage and sometimes not. Typically, drugs and alcohol affect the case by making everything foggier to try and recreate what actually happened.

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