Last updated on November 2, 2021

Do A Person’s Chances For Success In A DUI Case Improve If They Pay A Lot More For Their Lawyer?

No, they don’t. A lot of times, lawyers engaged in a private zone charge extreme amounts for their fee as the marketing tool because some people believe that if they pay the most, they will be getting the best and other people think they will somehow obtain a better result from that lawyer.

The point isn’t that good lawyers don’t charge good fees but that just because somebody has the highest fee, does not mean they have any special powers to get a person a better result than anybody else, so this would be just one factor to consider and it should never be the deciding factor that someone chose to go with a lawyer simply because he was the most expensive. That should not be how a person makes the decision. It should also be a red flag if a lawyer promises too much, because that might mean a person is being deceived. It would be very difficult for an attorney on a drunk driving case to give an opinion before even seeing any of the evidence, that somehow a person would win the case because the evidence is what would control whether that happened.

A person would have a much better chance of winning their case and obtaining the best results if some favorable evidence was combined with a skilled attorney. Although attorneys with skill are needed, a skillful lawyer alone cannot get a person out of every drunk driving situation. Sometimes the evidence is too strong to overcome and then other options need to be worked on to minimize damage, avoid jail, limit probation, limit testing and other things, rather than simply expecting to win the case outright. Every situation really is unique and a person would need somebody who can zero in on their circumstances and get the best result for their case.

Would It Be Worth It To Take Out A Loan Or Ask Family Members For Money Because Lawyers Charge A Good Amount Of Money?

One of the realities faced by people when deciding whether to borrow money or what to do when they are faced with a DUI charge or some other criminal charge is that if things go wrong and all of a sudden they are ordered to go to jail, they are just taken away and put in jail and by then it is too late to call their parents, a brother or a friend to borrow money and hire the right lawyer, because it will be over.

A person should prepare themselves to obtain the best possible result for their situation but also to avoid the worst possible result. A person can’t know what would happen from one hearing to the next and if things went bad, they would not be able to un-ring the bell, so it really is about how much a person would be willing to risk by not investing in a good attorney. A person could be there by themselves and get lucky and everything would turn out great, but there is no way for them to know that going into the case. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge. Somebody who has handled 500 drunk driving cases will be a lot better at it than somebody who has handled two, so that is where someone would have to ask themselves if they had anything to lose if things went horribly wrong. If a person doesn’t have anything to lose then they don’t have to worry about it, but if they do have a lot of things they could lose if the case goes horribly wrong, then they need to be more concerned about making sure things don’t go wrong.

Should Someone Consider It A Red Flag If A Lawyer Guaranteed A Victory?

This should absolutely be considered a red flag. No criminal attorney can guarantee anything and a client should probably try another attorney if they do, because it is impossible to guarantee anything with any degree of certainty. The attorney is not in charge of how the evidence looks, they do not know how the prosecutor will present it or how the judge will rule, especially when they are talking to someone at the beginning of a case before they have even seen the evidence. If someone is getting promised too much then they are probably being misled.

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