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Aggressive Driving Can Lead to DUI Charge

Aggressive driving is dangerous – and it is a good way to get yourself arrested for DUI in Michigan. At Michigan Defense Law, our Michigan DUI lawyers are here to help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights if you have been charged with an aggressive DUI offense. Don’t face this challenging situation alone – contact us today at (248) 451-2200 for a consultation.

More than 600 drivers recently were pulled over by Michigan State Police troopers in the first week of a month-long crackdown on aggressive driving in Detroit, according to the Detroit Free Press. Motorists were stopped for speeding, tailgating, changing lanes unsafely and texting while driving.

If you are stopped by a police officer for any reason, you are in a vulnerable position. An initial stop can lead to other charges. If the officer discovers that you have been drinking, you can be charged with DUI.

Officers are trained to use all their senses to observe the condition of the driver and look for signs of drunk driving.

If the officer smells alcohol on your breath, sees an open container of alcohol or hears slurred speech, you will likely be detained. The officer may ask if you have been drinking. If you say “Yes,” that gives the officer sufficient cause to conduct a DUI/OWI/DWI investigation.

The officer may ask you to perform a series of field sobriety tests. These are designed to indicate physical signs of intoxication. Or you may be asked to submit to a preliminary breath test. If you decline to take the preliminary breath test, you will likely be fined and charged with a civil infraction.

If you perform field sobriety tests and fail them, that evidence can be used against you in court.

Michigan drunk driving defense attorney

Three tips to avoid trouble on the road:

  1. Don’t speed, tailgate, drive aggressively, or text while driving.
  2. Don’t think about getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking.
  3. Contact a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as possible if you are charged with an alcohol-related offense.
Tips to Avoid Trouble on the Road Actions to Take
Don’t speed, tailgate, drive aggressively, or text while driving. Stay focused on the road, obey traffic laws, maintain a safe following distance, and refrain from using your phone while driving.
Don’t think about getting behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Designate a sober driver, use a rideshare service, call a taxi, or use public transportation if you have consumed alcohol.
Contact a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as possible if you are charged with an alcohol-related offense. Consult with a qualified drunk driving defense lawyer immediately to understand your legal options and build a strong defense.

Chances of Getting DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

OWI/DUI charges often offer the possibility of a plea bargain, which can reduce the severity of the charges from the maximum to a “Reckless Driving Involving Alcohol” or even a careless driving charge. This option is typically available under the following circumstances:

  • It is your first offense.
  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC) was close to the legal limit of .08.
  • The prosecutor has identified legal weaknesses in their case against you.

While the maximum penalties for OWI/DUI and reckless driving are the same, involving up to 93 days of jail time and a $500 fine, careless driving is considered a civil infraction that does not involve jail time or result in a criminal record.

If you’re dealing with DUI charges in Michigan, seeking the assistance of a skilled Michigan DUI lawyer can potentially lead to a reduction of charges to reckless driving. At Michigan Defense Law, our team of lawyers is experienced in handling the intricacies of the law, engaging in negotiations with prosecutors, and utilizing relevant factors to enhance the likelihood of securing a favorable outcome for those facing DUI charges. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation and take the first step towards building a strong legal defense in your case.

Could I Be Going To Jail For Reckless Diving In Serious Injury?

Most cases of reckless driving with serious injury are not motivated by an intention to cause harm to another person. Many people fear the possibility of being sentenced to the felony of reckless driving with serious injuries.

Reckless driving with serious injury is a felonious offense that carries a maximum penalty of five years. The court will take into account a variety of factors before imposing a sentence, which may include jail time if you are found guilty. A judge will review the facts of each case as well as any prior convictions when determining the sentence. A criminal defense lawyer will present your case at the sentencing hearing. This will give you the best chance to reduce your time behind bars.

You could face jail time and a minimum $1,000 fine up to $5,000 if you are convicted of reckless driving with a serious injury. As an alternative to jail time, the court may consider probation.

Although reckless driving with a serious injury can be considered a major offense, you are still innocent unless proven otherwise. The prosecution has a legal obligation to prove beyond reasonable doubt that all elements of the crime were committed. There is always a possibility to defeat the charges until that legal obligation is fulfilled.

The correlation between aggressive driving and DUI charges is evident, highlighting the need for effective measures to address this dangerous behavior. Aggressive driving not only jeopardizes the safety of the driver but also poses a significant risk to others on the road. The alarming statistics and real-life consequences emphasize the importance of raising public awareness and enforcing stricter penalties for aggressive driving offenses. It is crucial for individuals to recognize the potential escalation of aggressive driving to more severe offenses like DUI and take proactive steps to avoid such situations.

When facing a DUI charge in Michigan, the legal help of a skilled drunk driving defense lawyer can make a substantial difference in the outcome of the case. At Michigan Defense Law, our team of Michigan drunk driving defense attorneys may be able to help you navigate the complexities of the legal system, protecting your rights, and negotiating for favorable outcomes, such as reduced charges or alternative sentencing options. Hiring a drunk driving defense lawyer can provide you the necessary guidance, support, and legal representation to effectively combat DUI charges. Contact us today at (248) 451-2200 to schedule a consultation.

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