Common Traffic Violation

Some of the common traffic violations in Michigan are listed below. If you visit our Michigan Traffic Resources page you will find a link to the Michigan Legislature that will allow you to look up many of the statutes listed below to see the elements of the offense you are charged with violating.

Basic Speed Rule: A person shall operate a vehicle at a careful and prudent speed not greater than nor less than is reasonable and proper, having due regard to the traffic, surface, and width of the highway and of any other condition then existing. §257.627(1)

Statutory Speed Limit: 70 MPH on parts of freeways under a special speed study §257.628(5) See Other below. 65 MPH, except as noted above, on freeways §257.628(5) 55 MPH on other highways §257.628(1)

A municipal government may establish speed limits on the properties of any board of education, school district or community college district located within its jurisdiction. §257.961

When a state of emergency exists, the governor may reduce the speed limit on any street, highway or freeway via executive order. §257.629b

A person operating a passenger vehicle which is towing another vehicle shall not drive >55 MPH.(2) §257.627(5)

A person operating a truck weighing 10,000 lbs. shall not drive >55 MPH.(3) §257.627(6)

A person shall not operate a school bus >50 MPH (>55 MPH on a limited access highway or freeway). §§257.627(7), 257.627b & 257.1861

Unless a special speed limit has been established, a person shall not operate a motor vehicle in a designated work area >45 MPH. §257.627(9)

A person shall not exceed the maximum safe posted speed limit which has been established for a bridge, causeway or viaduct. §257.631(1)

Except as Noted, Speed Law Violations are Civil Infractions. §257.627(10)

The following are Misdemeanor Offenses: (1) Exceeding the speed limit in a school zone or (2) driving a school bus in excess of 55 MPH limit on a limit on limited access highway or freeway. §§257.627a, 257.627b and 257.901


Criminal Sanctions
Term (Day, Month, Years, Etc.): Civil Infraction-N/A
Misdemeanor-Not more than 90 days §257.901
Mandatory Minimum Term: None
Traffic School: A person may be required to attend a traffic education program. §257.907(5)

Licensing Action:
Type of Licensing Action (Susp/Rev): Suspension via a Point System 257.320(1)(d) & (2) and 257.320a
Miscellaneous Sanctions Not Included Elsewhere: Important. A person, who commits a moving violation (e.g. speeding violation), in a construction or school zone is subject to a fine that is double that otherwise prescribed by law. §257.601b

Other Criminal Actions Related to Speeding

Drag Racing on Highway: Misdemeanor §§257.626a & 257.901(1)
Careless or Negligent Driving: Civil Infraction §§257.626b & 257.907
Reckless Driving: Misdemeanor §§257.626(a) & 257.901(1)
Felonious Driving: Felony §752.191

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operators(10):
Grounds for Suspension: A person’s CDL is suspended if, while driving a CMV, they either (1)
commit 2 “serious traffic violations”(11) within a 36 month period or (2) commit 3 such violations
within a 36 months period. §257.319b(1)(a) & (b)

Period of Suspension: 2 serious violations (within 36 months)-60 days 3 serious violations (within 36 months)-120 days §257.319b(1)(a) & (b)
Period of Mandatory Suspension: 2 serious violations (within 36 months)-60 days 3 serious
violations (within 36 months)-120 days §257.319b(1)(a) & (b)

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